protocol for high-profile dissenters to leak without being deaded/murdered/killed/eliminated/shot/heart-attacked etc

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Jul 17 19:52:06 PDT 2017

On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 11:11:54AM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> A very rough draft of possible steps to take:
> - NEVER talk about your leak/whistleblowing, BEFORE doing it!
> - Leak your leak to MULTIPLE people simultaneously if possible -
>   either publicly, and or by anonymous post (of documents, CDs, DVDs
>   etc).
> - Plant a brief tell-all in an unlikely to be read book at the back
>   corner of a public library, and TELL A TRUSTED PERSON that "if I
>   die, go read this book, but not before".
> - Quietly get up to speed with some op-sec - ask a grandchild to
>   teach you, go to a local computer user group meeting, etc - the
>   basics are not so hard, so LEARN THEM YOURSELF!
> - Do a trial run of leaking with something newsworthy but RELATIVELY
> Please add, suggest "hell no!"s etc.

OK, here's a specific solution for this sad case of Klaus Eberwein
who was murdered before being able to give his testimony:

- If you're going to give testimony, first publicly release your
  affidavit, as follows:

1) write down all your testimony, including all dates and times etc

2) add all your evidence exhibits/ attachments

3) put the word AFFIDAVIT in big bold letters at the top of the first

4) After the heading, add the sentence:
   I, NAME, of ADDRESS, say/swear/affirm that the following is true
   and correct to the best of my knowledge:

5) After all your points/events and exhibit references, add the
   following sentence:
   "And I say these things in the knowledge that a person saying
   false things may be liable to the penalties for perjury."

6) At the end, add your signature, and get a Justice of the Peace to
   witness your signature (at the time you sign the document).

Make many copies of this affidavit, plus all exhibits, and give,
post, send, email around the place.

The point is: if you're going to go public by exposing a pedofile
network, your life is likely in danger and so you might as well
really go public first, before giving testimony, before talking to a
lawyer/lyer, before talking publicly about ANYTHING except that you
FIRST put out your legally sound affidavit, PUBLICLY.

A lawyer (and nay sayers) will often say "don't do that, you might
jeopardize the court case" - all the more reason to get your
affidavit public before even the hint of any court case.

Whatever you thought you were going to say/affirm from the witness
box, is essentially public after you've so said/affirmed/sworn, so
you might as well MAKE IT PUBLIC before you are murdered for your
stand for truth.

ALSO, know that your phones are most likely all tapped in real time,
if you have any legally significant knowledge of satanic child
kidnapping networks, so to state the bleedingly obvious, if you
contact a JP to get your signature witnessed, DON'T BLOODY TALK ABOUT
something innocuous like "I need a power of attorney witnessed" or
"can you witness a letter to the bank?" or something...

Please spread the word! Activist whistleblowers, especially those
with their phones tapped, need your support, and remember, SOME
people who have attained public office, have actually done so with
good intention - and without support and knowledge of how to stay
alive in the face of their healthy intentions, their good intention
will not manifest before they are murdered.

Good luck,

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