CNN, for that offer you just can't refuse :D

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Jul 17 04:47:07 PDT 2017

Posting a meme on the intertubes? Free.

A Kekistan t-shirt? $20 + postage.

Successfully targetting a fake news network to get half the country
behind you? mix 1 POTUS with 2 parts of social media and an ego to
match; pop goes the weasel network.

Making The Jewish Question politically correct and literally main
stream, globally, for the first time in a hundred years?

THAT would require an exclusively Jewish owned, controlled and run
cable very fake news network mega corporation with no self awareness
of the consequences, threatening a nobody who posted a meme about
all the Jews running your company - nobody would have cared, and
LITERALLY NOBODY could have predicted that said network would
actually actually do this.

Yet this just literally happened.

For everything else, there's Mir Card:

Here's the CNN provenance meme, the one that orly pissed off CNN and
ultimately caused the Jewish question to (once again after ~70yrs
dormant) hit the main stream:
(From the earlier link:

(CNN's "Are Jews people?" ticker is also one for CNN's
"democratization of the JQ" hall of fame:

Well played, CNN! You've truly done the proud!
Now go see a nice psychiatrist and talk about your mommy issues, and
while you're at it, fire up an oven - might make you feel better :D

Now here's a truly amazing thing: this Jewish "lack of self
awareness" proscription is not limited to the very fake Cable News
Network, no sir-ee!  The Jewish banking fraternity (that's most of
the world's banks) running the Jewish banking system (debt based
money expansion as opposed to a sane credit based money expansion
system), i.e. The Cabal (TM)(C)(R) (Rockefeller, Citi and the rest,
with Lord Rothschild presiding over them all), have yet to properly
assess the results of The Way Things Now Are, Putin-style, and
instead of trying to make deals with Russia to maximise long term
benefit of the cabal, they continue to raise the stakes with threats
of more sanctions and various other toddler foot stompings.

The only rational explanation is a deep and abiding hope for World
War 3, and a corresponding deep and abiding disdain for all other
tribes (and I guess for their own tribe too, since the next real war
with Russia would be catastophic for all life on Earth - but the men
stomping their feet with unresolved mommy issues apparently just
don't give rats arse and would rather have a world war; go figure!)

And what's truly ironic is that the cabal thought they were playing
China for 100 years, assuming either money (joining IMF), more war or
a Chinese dummy-spit on USA bonds (did not happen) would win the
final day, when in fact China has sat back for 100 years watching the
various "Whities" shoot the firetruck out of each other, and now that
the writing's on the wall, the Western car conglomerates are
literally begging the Chinese government for a couple extra years!:

 Automakers Are Asking China To Slow Down Electric Car Quotas

You know with all their money, banks, media control and numerous
Western countries under their control, they -still- are out competed
by the Chinese - i.e. they missed the strategic for the tactical.
Evidently self-awareness does not utomatically follow from

(Yeah, yeah, substitute Zionists for Jews if you wanna howl about
it - but just remember, not all Jewish bankers are Zionists.)

Sir Shitlord,
Graduate, Ministry of Triggering (SnowFlake School flunky)
* Certified Deplorable Neo-Nazi Fake News Hunter (TM)(C)(R)
* Executive Director of Triggers, Ministry of Winning
* Weapons against traditional \/\/European\/\/ values:
* How Liberal Lefties view the world:

On Wed, Jul 05, 2017 at 10:43:54PM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> CNN, having been body slammed by no less than the
> POTUS his self:
>  (Tucker Carlson's version straight outta Kekistan)
> , has decided (that's CNN has decided) that "main stream media
> news outlets making 'offers you can't refuse' to basement dwelling
> deplorable meme creators struggling for a life", is somehow a wise
> thing to do:
>  CONFIRMED: CNN threatens to put US citizen’s life in danger for
>  revenge
> This rock bottom for the very Fake News Network and the Mainstream
> Intimidators. And watching some of Trump's past WWE vids reminds
> us that Idiocracy is not so far from the truth.
> At least the ratings are high:
> and so soon the crowds will roar with a scream of "WINNER" -
> thankfully with memes, at least SOME of the credit will go to
> basement dwelling deplorable meme creators struggling for a life.
> Nice to see a little citizen's coordination on the MSM body slams:
> Moral of this story - when you meme, go hard, go proud and
> go public, or make damn sure your opsec is reasonable.
> Memes .. not child's play ... too dangerous for most, so watch
> your back and patience kekette, patience!

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