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Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Jul 11 04:01:13 PDT 2017

On Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 04:22:59AM -0400, Kevin Gallagher wrote:
> Here is where I start to have questions. To my understanding,
> anarchy is the rejection of heirarchies.

Assertions (such as this e.g.) are easy to throw out.

The trick is to catch yourself using, speaking, or projecting any
assertion, and so "to my understanding" was a -great- prefix which
we don't often see used.

On "the food chain" there is a natural hierarchy, e.g.:

 - water, air and soil
 -> microbiome
 -> plants
 -> animals/fish
 -> humans

(Yes some humans stop lower on the food chain hierarchy than others -
doesn't change the existence of the hierarchy.)

Anarchists are typically fond of affirming self evident facts,
at least where there might be any doubt :)

Software hiearchies are abundant - the hiearchy of addressing page
tables and a zillion (precise number) more such hierarchies.

Every second level contract implies a hierarchy:

E.g. you and I make a contract - you pay me in food, I create a
website for you, then I go and sub-contract the website development
out to a graphic artist, JS coder and DB admin.

Here's probably what we could all agree on:
Hierarchy's by fiat are almost always worthy of rejection.

Even a so-called "benevolent dictatorship", if it is at all imposed,
rather than entirely "by the free will of all involved" therefore has
some element of coercion (since it's not entirely "by free will") and
therefore such a hierarchy, --by definition-- can never be truly

(At least, some would say.)

> Isn't anarcho-capitalism therefore an oxymoron?

If everything is entirely voluntary, everyone is well educated and
therefore no one enters into fundamentally unfair/enslaving "free
will contracts", then no, there is no oxymoron - but that's a lot of
pre-conditions required to establish such an utopia :D

> The existence of currency inherently creates a heirarchy
> based on the amount of currency one owns, does it not?


But only if the "right" to print/mint/coin/issue currency is a
by-fiat right (e.g. punishable by statutory crime for "violation"
of the rule).

It might seem a sort of awkward conversation, but that's because it
is, and it is because we are essentially uneducated in what anachism
even means, and so we use old-world concepts, and easily get
misunderstood (even IF we are "clear in our own mind") :)

HTH and good luck,

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