The Secret Sauce or how governments use mass hypnosis

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Fri Jul 28 11:52:45 PDT 2017

Well, all my knowledge of hypnosis comes from an episode of Bull.
Repetition is a powerful thing, among other things it indicates success or
consensus if one approaches it from an evolutionary psychology perspective.
What I said a long time ago about how cryptography is incremental, that
easier to cryptanalyze provable ciphers would have less papers, and that
more complex ciphers would have more papers, it isn't an incredible
observation. But noting the observation would reduce the impact that the
deluge of papers on Simon and Speck would have (if it was simple to
cryptanalyze there'd be only two or three papers on each).

There was also a lot of repetition in the recent efforts to remove RC4 and
Triple DES. (nevermind the efforts to remove Saddam) RC4 in particular had
someone use it for a file encryption system for deniability?

Spotlight was a movie produced with assistance from First Look. There was a
scene that extremely disturbed me, more than all the child molestation.
Well, two scenes to be exact. The first scene was the new editor ordering
the journalists to investigate a case. The second scene was that the paper
did write about child molestation allegations in the past, but they put it
into the metro section. How easily are people manipulated? These
journalists went on to win prizes for their reporting, so clearly they are
not responsible for their own success. These are exceptional allegations,
the metro article was about a dozen alleged cases? Then it turned out to be
hundreds of children?

The part that really disturbed me is that no one reflected on this. This is
a thing that happened. The journalists unwittingly allowed it to occur.
Cardinal Law wittingly allowed it to occur.

The truth is out there. It is not hard to find.

Actually, all the journalists, with their intelligence contacts... they
have to be itching to ask one question. How could so many people in the
intelligence community be okay with the popular outrage from Snowden? How
do they rationalize it? Well. I don't know, but I think they are naive
enough to ignore past misdeeds, and they get told various things. Like how
it was Clapper's duty to lie to Congress (!) because no comment or this
should be in a closed hearing would be too suspicious. How could it be that
they think what they are doing is legal, but we think that hiding
information from the public is suspicious and sign of illegality? Maybe the
government does incidental collection with disk images and wiretaps on an
alarming scale. Maybe... maybe....

You are being manipulated. Only you can produce your freedom.
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