CIA agents sell 20 tonnes of plastic explosive to Libya, nearly decade before discotheque bombing

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The Arms for Libya case ensued when a gang of CIA deep state operatives
were caught shipping a huge amount of weapons and explosives to Libya.
Edwin Wilson was hung out to dry by Ted Shackley and the rest of the cabal.
After a FOIA request revealed the CIA knew perfectly well what he was
doing, he was released after about 17 years in jail. He was never given
compensation and those responsible for the cover up were never brought to

Before his 1980 retirement, the CIA Inspector General John H. Waller
produced an internal investigation which exonerated Theodore Shackley and
his "career-long deputy and sidekick" Thomas Clines. This was the CIA's
official story for about 20 years, endorsed by Waller's successor, the #3
man in the CIA, Charles A. Briggs who was called on to testify in Edwin
Wilson's court case. The CIA had blocked the defense from gaining access to
any contradictory paperwork, so the jury apparently believed the (perjured)
'Briggs Declaration' which said that Edwin Wilson has independently
collected almost the entire US stockpile of C-4 (plastic explosive) and
arranged to fly it to Libya, all without CIA knowledge, following up by
sending US troops to train of Muammar Gaddafi's military in bomb making,
and sold them a bunch of other weapons. This official narrative fell apart
about 20 years later when an internal document surfaced which proved that
the CIA Inspector Generals had been lying.

Frank Terpil was tried and found guilty in absentia. Douglas Schlachter
plead guilty to two charges in a plea deal, after providing testimony
directly linking Wilson to "senior Central Intelligence officials"
(presumably Ted Shackley and his sidekick Thomas Clines, who in 1981 both
admitted that they had kept in touch with Wilson, though they denied
knowing anything about the arms deals). Edwin Wilson was hung out to dry
and charged as the main culprit.

CIA officer, Edwin Wilson, brokered a number of weapons deals to Libya.
Michael Ruppert wrote that Wilson lived in Libya "for extended periods
between 1977 and 1981". The most extraordinary of these deals was in 1977,
when a 42,000 pound load of C-4 plastic explosive (an amount which
represented almost the entire US domestic supply) was flown out of Houston
International Airport to Muammar Gaddafi's Libya, followed by training in
bomb making by US Green Berets. Subsequent deals involved handguns and
other weapons. A scheme to ship more than a thousand M16 rifles to Gaddafi
put the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms onto Edwin Wilson back in
late 1977.

After about 17 years in jail, FOIA requests by Edwin Wilson came across
some internal paperwork which proved that those involved in the case knew
that the "Briggs Affidavit" was a lie. These sufficed to allow Wilson to
successfully appeal his conviction. In October 2003, his conviction on the
explosives charge was overturned and Wilson was released from prison on
September 14, 2004. He launched a legal claim for compensation against
those who perjured evidence against him, and those who knowingly stayed
silent on the matter, but they were granted legal immunity and he never
received compensation.


The CIA did a lot of dirty things. If Snowden was a Russian agent, not a
CIA agent, why was he insistent on protecting the CIA? The CIA did a lot of
dirty things. All the Russians have to do is expose them. What the CIA did
would bring down the American government ten times over. I have no doubt
hundreds of US government employees spent innumerable man-years dealing
with the aftermath of Snowden, but it served no real point.

I personally find it mysterious that the Russians would invent the idea
that AIDs was the product of the CIA when there are just so many horrible...
To quote:
 You will see it only as a blow against surveillance state, and not as a
propaganda film that, on the one hand, protects the CIA at Snowden’s behest
while, on the other hand, exploiting him and turning him into the celebrity
he did not want to be.
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