protocol for high-profile dissenters to leak without being deaded/murdered/killed/eliminated/shot/heart-attacked etc

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Jul 17 18:11:54 PDT 2017

  "Dum, ways to die, so many dum ways to die."

  and the latest version 2:

So, former Haitian government official, ready to expose Clinton
corruption, found dead:

Yes, Hitlery Clinton's Haitian pedo network was going to be exposed,
and the key leaker, of course, "mysteriously" dies.

Who could possibly have predicted this?

I mean, it's not like the DNC murdered Seth Rich and a dozen Clinton
security guards over the years, right?

There are some bloody dum people out there folks, and they need our
help - at the very least, evidently, some firetrucking basic
firetrucking training on HOW THE HELL TO LEAK!

This is pissing me off - I mean at least Seth got his leak out before
he was post-leakishly murdered, but Klaus Eberwein? Seriously spoke
about his intention to leak, before actually leaking?

 WHAT THE FIRETRUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!?!?!@##!@$!@#$!@#??!!!!

That is just absolutely IN-FIRETRUCKING-INSANE !!!

So, fellow cypherpunkers - this is our stock in trade!

AND it's our DUTY OF CARE to our fellow humans, to spread the word on

A very rough draft of possible steps to take:

- NEVER talk about your leak/whistleblowing, BEFORE doing it!

- Leak your leak to MULTIPLE people simultaneously if possible -
  either publicly, and or by anonymous post (of documents, CDs, DVDs

- Plant a brief tell-all in an unlikely to be read book at the back
  corner of a public library, and TELL A TRUSTED PERSON that "if I
  die, go read this book, but not before".

- Quietly get up to speed with some op-sec - ask a grandchild to
  teach you, go to a local computer user group meeting, etc - the
  basics are not so hard, so LEARN THEM YOURSELF!

- Do a trial run of leaking with something newsworthy but RELATIVELY

Please add, suggest "hell no!"s etc.

Seriously, we are in the middle of a war, and many folks need our
help and actual assistance.

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