The innumerable connections that various nonprofit organizations have to the national security state

Ryan Carboni ryacko at
Sat Jul 15 18:59:19 PDT 2017

I should give some credit to leftist conspiracy twitter, but that might be
problematic. Still, the proof is not hard to find, which just makes it all
rather depressing.

Obviously connection number one is they still are nonprofits. People live
at the mercy of the state to a greater degree than they realize.

Connection number two is that Morris Ernst was J. Edgar Hoover's close
friend, or so he thought. Rather Hoover tasked an FBI agent to reply to
correspondence to him, so effectively Hoover had an informant within the
ACLU. There has been very little said on this topic.

Connection number three is that J.P. Barlow, founder of the EFF was
contacted by Robert Steele in 1992 (currently believes there is a child sex
slave colony on Mars) to speak at an intelligence conference. (but
it was pretty prescient "Nonetheless, I sallied forth, confidently telling
the gray throng that power lay not in concealing information but in
distributing it, that the Internet would endow small groups of zealots with
the capacity to wage credible assaults on nation-states, that young hackers
could easily run circles around old spies.")

Connection number four is that Morton Halperin negotiated with the CIA to
support the passage of Intelligence Identities Protection Act. Morton
Halperin was suspected of leaking that the US was bombing Cambodia,
although clearly we should've used drones then. Morton Halperin has served
a few roles with Open Society Institute.

Page 85 of Secrets: The CIA's War at Home (

These are not exceptional or new allegations.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation went to Washington to "reverse-engineer
> government, hack politics down to its component parts, and fix it." Then it
> helped pass the FBI's loathsome "let's-just-wiretap-everyone" Digital
> Telephony Bill. And discovered it was Washington that had
> reverse-engineered the EFF, driving it into dissension, debt, disgrace -
> and right out of town. .


P.S. interesting in context to the times we live in
Flying Without ID
According to the TSA, in the 9th Circuit Case of John Gilmore, you are
allowed to fly without showing ID -- you'll just have to submit yourself to
secondary screening.

P.P.S this might be related
to cloudbleed
i have seen a lot of nonsensical explanations for various bugs and issues,
including that for those that I am a user of, but I do not think compelled
speech exists, so I don't know.

P.P.P.S. I am open to the possibility that there is a child sex slave
colony on Mars, but unlike that guy who stormed Comet Ping Pong, I can't
quite go over there to investigate. (fortunately the failed actor, Edgar
Maddison Welch, was not a black man, so he was not shot on sight, as would
be typically expected)

It does seem clear though that the world is set up to benefit people who
realize everything is rigged, and they could rise to a middle-management or
equivalent lofty position perpetuating everything. Challenging power is
difficult to impossible, one of major difficulties being that most people
are just plain dumb. I would prefer it if they proved otherwise and I would
prefer not being in the position I am in now. Anyone who thinks my position
is advantageous is free to trade places.
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