[ PFSR ] Prosecutor Agrees to Drop Sexting Charges Against Iowa Teen

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu Jul 13 21:05:48 PDT 2017

The relentless bullying by the state is quite impressive - madness
prevails regardless of morals, ethics, common sense.

These cases where the force and power of the state is brought against
an under aged teen doing what teens do and attempting to drag them
through the "criminal" "justice" system, is astounding, and the lack
of empathy, lack of common sense, and lack of anything resembling
a moral attitude towards the younger generation, leads me to believe
that there are those in power in our "modern" "democracies" who are
fundamentally compromised within their own behaviour, conducting
themselves in ways that they find themselves to be morally
reprehensible, and that they project upon others, including
incredibly upon children and teenagers, the evils that are in their
own hearts and deeds.

Top this off with wide and pervasive cowardice within the general
population and the following fight-back event is an extremely rare
sight in this day and age.

Prosecutors, police, lawyers, judges and politicians (those who
conduct yourselves in evil): continue to project your own evil upon
children and teenagers at your peril - we will come after you, and
your endless attempts to hide your crimes shall be uncovered and

Would be nice to see the parents below preemptively/ proactively
pursue this case regardless, to help the next child targetted by
the next self-projecting moron wielding the power of the state in
such an insane way.

Subject: [ PFER ] Prosecutor Agrees to Drop Sexting Charges Against Iowa Teen


  	A county prosecutor in Iowa who threatened to charge a
	14-year-old girl with sexual exploitation of a minor after she
	sent suggestive photos of herself to a boy at school agreed
	Thursday to drop the case after the girl's family sued him for
	violating her constitutional rights to free speech and equal

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