NSA provides list of patents it's willing to share with public

Ryan Carboni ryacko at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 13:17:55 PDT 2017

Nevermind that the NSA currently is paying telecommunication companies to
store our metadata (thanks Snowden!) or that the NSA is subsidizing
transoceanic cables (non sarcastic thanks Snowden)


Patent 8,363,825, from 2009, looks at lot like some kind of CRC fuzzy

Patent  9,525,866, from 2016, is anti-camera forensics. Time to go back to
film! (or maybe just resize it to 50% and save it as a rather lossy JPEG)

Patent 7,406,595, from 2004, shows how the NSA encrypts communications.
Sounds more efficient than Enchilada, as submitted to CAESAR.

Patent  6,922,774, from 2001, shows what the NSA does with virtual machines.

Patent 6,724,893, from 1996, is about key escrow. If one uses TENS, a
version of linux from the US government, one notices that the help manual
for the encryption wizard talks about key escow. But all our keys is
escrowed since the NSA stole SIM card keys from foreign manufacturers of
our devices?

Patent 6,912,284, from 1983 and the longest expiration date, is about some
kind of LFSR AEAD cipher. What? They discovered this in 1983 and we're
still working on AEAD ciphers?

Patent 6,820,830 appears to be just placing slants under a paper shredder
to direct output into multiple rubbish bins.

Like people. You can just go to the NSA's website. This is two clicks away
from the front page. What are you people doing? If you're going to be lazy.
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