Speaking up for the GOOD Donald Trump has done

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Thu Jul 6 10:12:46 PDT 2017

Troll bait for all the fake prog-libs who secretly luv war

> A Bipartisan Vote to Put the Brakes on War
> By putting such a sinister face on it, Trump might have finally
> inspired lawmakers to rein in America’s post-9/11 war machine.
> By Peter Certo
> "One of the few things I recall fondly about the Trump campaign — a
> short list, I’ll admit — was the candidate’s apparent glee in
> ridiculing the war-mongering of his rivals and predecessors.
> In early 2016, Trump (correctly) summed up George W. Bush’s legacy
> this way: “We’ve been in the Middle East for 15 years, and we haven’t
> won anything.”He ridiculed Hillary Clinton for being “trigger happy” —
> no standard-issue gibe from a guy who also promised to bring torture
> back — even while echoing progressive complaints that the $5 trillion
> pricetag from Bush’s wars would’ve been better spent at home.
> And though Trump’s relationship with the Russians has since acquired
> an unseemly cast, he once offered quite sensibly that “it’s better to
> get along” with the world’s other nuclear-armed superpower than not to.
> Compared to his rivals, Politico magazine once mused, Trump was “going
> Code Pink” on foreign policy. But what a rose-colored lie that turned
> out to be.
> Since taking office, Trump’s turned virtually all use of force
> decisions over to his generals. With the president’s backing, they’ve
> ordered 4,000 new American troops back into Afghanistan, sent
> thousands more to Iraq and Syria, and nearly quadrupled the rate of
> drone strikes from the Obama administration, which was already quite
> prolific.
> Everywhere they go, they’re escalating the brutality — and we still
> haven’t won anything.
> They cratered Afghanistan with the largest non-nuclear bomb ever
> dropped. They’ve stepped up support for the brutal Saudi-led bombing
> of Yemen, where 11,000 have died and thousands more are at risk of
> dying of hunger and cholera. Meanwhile they’ve brought civilian
> casualties from our bombings in Iraq and Syria to record levels,
> inflicting what the UN calls a “staggering loss of civilian life.”
> Things are about to get even more dangerous in Syria, as the Islamic
> State falters and armed factions turn on each other to claim the
> remains of its caliphate.
> Under Trump, U.S. troops have repeatedly attacked pro-Syrian forces —
> a line Obama never crossed — in a misguided effort to bolster
> Washington’s favorite rebels, many of whom are fighting each other.
> That’s ratcheting up tensions with Syria’s allies, Iran and Russia,
> endangering Obama’s hard-won diplomatic gains with Iran and even
> leading Russia to threaten to shoot down American planes.
> For Trump, a president lampooned as a puppet of Putin, blundering into
> conflict with Russia over an empty corner of eastern Syria should be
> an embarrassing prospect. But Trump seems blithely unaware of the
> whole thing.
> While Trump may be uniquely prone to careless belligerence, the
> problem is plainly bipartisan: He’s mostly just adding ghastly
> additions to a war scaffolding the Obama and Bush administrations
> built before him.
> One possible solution? Revoke the congressional war authorization
> passed after 9/11, which gave the president authority to track down
> the perpetrators of those attacks. There were 19 hijackers that day,
> but that law’s been abused to justify military action 37 times in 14
> countries, the Congressional Research Service calculates.
> Stunningly, on June 29, the House Appropriations committee
> overwhelmingly approved an amendment from Rep. Barbara Lee to revoke
> that authority..."

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