Attention Google re Captchas

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Jan 16 22:42:42 PST 2017

You people are here on this list, reading it, we know this.
You are one of the biggest corporations in the world.
You are ridiculous in your wanton use of captchas against tor users.
Your bandwidth and processing capabilities are on par with
that disgusting Facebook, and with the largest of all entities.
All supported by advertising and datamining and anti-anon/freedom things.
You demand simple phone numbers and captchas instead of making
creative heuristics.
The bandwidth and assault thrown at you via tor is relatively trivial
in respect and highly sustainable in proportion to clearnet (prove
otherwise, including
disclosure of your resources and metrics).
Yet you are choosing to profiteer off tor users brain cycles without
compensation, shame on you, by forcing them to complete and process on
average three or more sets
of vision captchas comprising many images for your gain, while clearnet
needs to process zero in a relative number of cases.
Yet everyone must still supply mineable phone numbers.
You deny even "google search" and "translate" to tor users, the key to
worldwide understanding of peoples in communication with each other,
the most vital to peace.
That is bullshit.
We want peace, not war, and yet you seem to support artificial divides.
You say "errors occurred in your request, cannot process your request further".
For simple searches via tor, even after triplicate successful captchas.
What the fuck is that!!!
Why do you hate peoples?
In short, and on behalf of tor users worldwide, *fuck you* google!!!
You can do better.
And pray you be forgiven.

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