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>> God, I swear I do still not understand why the heck you hate so much
>> the Jewish people, Juan!  It's their religion, their faith, and should
>> be respected as any other, my dear.
>         well my position is pretty rational. What's really "hard
>         to understnad", because it's actually absurd, is the idea
>         that theocratic garbage deserve any respect at all. It
>         does not.

Technically, I am an Atheist, Juan.  I've lost my faith in some point
of my life and I know there will not be a return, but I still pray all
the days to a God that I don't know if exists or not, asking to
protect this world and all the people, in special my loved ones.  I
don't do it for simple habit or hypocrisy, but because I really would
like to believe that there is something, someone much bigger than us,
than my dreams, than the whole universe, watching for us with some
tenderness, with compassion and love...  :'(

We never meet each other, but we both are made of atoms.  The atoms of
the sunflower that I am touching now could contain some old atoms of
your skin.  Or Tesla's, maybe.  Who knows?  Maybe God exists only in
the Science, when Chemistry makes its magic, being used to create and
recreate biological and chemical structures.  In any case, almost all
the religions deserve my respect, after analyzing some details.

Well, until a few years ago, a North-American State had a very old law
permitting to shoot in Mormons.  When I read it, I became horrified
with the religious discrimination, but a friend asked me to read about
the Mormons' beliefs before giving any opinion...  Well, I still
considered the law pretty unfair, but I simply could not accept all
those stupid stories as a formal religion.  But also all the other
religions that I studied have very contradictory and surreal facts and
acts, so I try to respect all of them, trying to get what they have of
good to offer, to teach me, and rejecting what doesn't seem logical
for me.  This year, I helped two different religions/churches with the
donations of Christmas gifts for poor children in orphanages and for
old people left alone for their own families in retirement homes.  The
past and the future of my country.  Two different churches, but I
don't follow any religion.  I just wanted a bit fairer world, less
sad, less miserable, at least for one single day of my life, of their

I am *not* a good example of the Japanese culture and I would *never*
be pretentious enough to affirm something different, Juan.  I know I
will always be considered a "gaijin" in the land of my ancestors, even
moving to there and presenting all my Japanese documentation.  My
blood is Japanese, but not my way of thinking, living, moving,
talking, feeling, or making things, and being very sincere, I do *not*
care about it.  I am exactly who I could be and I am following my own
way, still trying to be who I should be.

Well, after all the storms, the sea and the music always heal the
pain...  I can't send the sea's beauty, its amazing smell and the wind
in a message, but I will share with you a very sweet berceuse, which
was sent me today by one of my dearest, most loved friends.  He is one
of the few persons in the whole world able to identify all my texts
patterns and feelings, even when I am pretending to be happy with the
holidays.  I've lost a lovely friend this morning, have spent a great
part of this Christmas' Eve crying and listened to this song several
times because it was perfect to say goodbye to my deceased friend...
This lovely tenor has a so soft and sweet voice, so cozy as a


"Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf ein" - Rita Streich

Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf ein,
Schäfchen ruh'n und Vögelein,
Garten und Wiese verstummt,
auch nicht ein Bienchen mehr summt,
Luna mit silbernem Schein
gucket zum Fenster herein,
schlafe bei silbernem Schein,
schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf ein,
schlaf ein, schlaf ein!

Auch in dem Schlosse schon liegt
alles in Schlummer gewiegt,
reget kein Mäuschen sich mehr,
Keller und Küche sind leer,
nur in der Zofe Gemach
tönet ein schmachtendes Ach!
Was für ein Ach mag das sein?
Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf ein,
schlaf ein, schlaf ein!

Wer ist beglückter als du?
Nichts als Vergnügen und Ruh'!
Spielwerk und Zucker vollauf
und noch Karossen im Lauf,
Alles besorgt und bereit,
dass nur mein Prinzchen nicht schreit.
Was wird da künftig erst sein?
Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf' ein,
schlaf ein, schlaf ein!

#  English Version

Sleep, my little prince, sleep,
The sheep and the birdies rest,
The garden and the meadow are quiet,
Not even a little bee buzzes anymore.
Luna, with a silverly glow
Looks in through the window,
Sleep by the silvery glow,
Sleep, my little prince, sleep,
Sleep, sleep!

By now, all are in bed in the castle,
All lulled into a slumber,
No more mice stir,
The basement and kitchen are empty.
Only in the maid's chambers
There sounds a languishing sigh!
What might this sigh be for?
Sleep, my little prince, sleep,
Sleep, sleep!

Who is happier than you?
Nothing but pleasure and peace!
All trinkets and sugar,
And a trotting stage-coach.
Everyone's anxious and ready
That my little prince will just not cry.
But what will the future bring?
Sleep, my little prince, sleep,
Sleep, sleep!

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