Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (Documentary)

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Dec 3 12:56:34 PST 2017

at Blockshow Asia in Singapore this week Simon Dixon, of Bank To The
Future - stated that even at $10,000, Bitcoin was still the most
undervalued asset in the world.
Dixon described bitcoin as the first investment in modern history that
the small time investor has access to before Wall Street, which is
hamstrung by the lack of regulation in the space. However, once Wall
Street is able to enter, they will in a big way. With CME Futures on
the horizon eventually paving the way for an ETF, their entry seems
all but inevitable and they're not going to be buying with pocket
Dixon said that whether individual fund managers are believers in
bitcoin or not, they will have no choice to put their clients into BTC
because it is one of the few investments that at present, is
completely uncorrelated to the mainstream capital markets. Finding
uncorrelated assets is a very basic element to traditional diversified
portfolio management (which is also discussed in Chris Burniske's
Cryptoassets), so it will be a no-brainer for them whether they like
it or not.
He also discussed the properties that will establish Bitcoin as the
powerhouse he believes it is destined to become - the fact that it is
the world's first truly neutral currency, that doesn't care about any
specific country or government
On fiat currencies, he does not see them ever going away but sees a
future where people can spend their local inflationary fiat currencies
but hold their wealth in cryptocurrencies that have zero connection to
whichever country someone lives in. The fact that people will have a
choice will ultimately keep governments honest because if they abuse
their power, everyone will be free to move their wealth and the
government will be powerless to stop it.
Lastly, he predicted that in 2018 we'll see the entire cryptocurrency
market reach a trillion dollar valuation

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