Fascism, Nazism, Henry Ford's successful sueing of the USGov, money and power - Fwd: A short clip from 'Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick'

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Fri May 20 23:32:12 PDT 2016

Someone emailed me this clip - it's about 20MiB, so I thought it
might, just possibly, slight hunch you know, be considered excessive
to include the attachment to cp...

For those who didn't know, Ford sued the US govt after WWII for the
US' bombing of his factories in Germany (which were producing tanks
etc for Germany), and he won - with a quote, when questioned about
such an audacious claim, Ford, from the witness box said something
along the lines of "my dear fellow, some matters are above mere
international rivalry".

This extract however puts the position "WWII was the first time in
history that the wealthy elite could purchase the thuggery of an
entire nation".

Worth a look see.

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A short clip from 'Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick'


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