The state of BRICS - multi-polar world happenings

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Thu May 19 22:29:41 PDT 2016

BRICS status update:

South Africa under attack:

Brazil's "president of the people" impeached by too many ministers
wanting to save their sorry corrupt "Car Wash" asses:

India doing an about face on BRICS:

Russia and China still standing strong:
- Western oligarch's view:
Other views:
- "Going for Gold: Russia, China Ditch Billions of Dollars for Bullion"
- "China's Xi: Strategic Partnership With Russia Is Key to World
Stability" - "Russia-China relations at the highest levels in
- "Russia and China Will Win the New Arms Race - The US has fallen
behind due to the corrupt and monopolistic economic and political
system of America’s Deep State"
- "America, Meet Your New Owners: Chinese Buy Chicago Stock Exchange"

Vietnam pivoting to the US:
Quite the global fight...

Perhaps something closer to US home may lighten your day:

(The Duran, my new favourite multi-polar alternative news site, with
more of original articles than that old other site; The Duran is a
breakaway that decided organisational transparency and fairness was
not being delivered - I have much higher hopes for them at this stage,
see for one
writer's diplomatic version.)

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