Deconstructing an Institutional Slander operation: @ioerror et al...

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Fri Jul 29 18:59:49 PDT 2016

On 07/29/2016 05:51 PM, juan wrote:

> On Fri, 29 Jul 2016 09:22:32 -0700
> Spencer <spencerone at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Cari Machet:
>>> sim card is detectable without power
>> This does not seem physically possible, at least without super
>> villain resources.
> 	maybe ('new') sim cards have an RFID subsystem...? So they
> 	could be 'detectable' at some range...

RFID in SIM Card - YouTube

Didn't watch. It's from the product's company though.

A search on Google turns up lots more on the company. DDG not so much.
Go search: MDT RFID

Ps. You also have to realize that 'some range' isn't much range unless
there's a power source.
Beware that friendly stranger sitting next to you at the cafe'.

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