[OT] Fwd: [ddj] Scanning the Dark Web with Python

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 15:52:26 PDT 2016

On Jul 28, 2016 4:50 PM, "John" <jnn at synfin.org> wrote:
> Agree!  I do code all the time at work but it's mostly script fu, shell
scripts, or, increasingly porting perl to Python or expanding old perl code.
> I haven't written more than a few lines of C for like 10 years. Keep
meaning to look into using Android Studio or XCode... But always end up
back in vim, hacking on little unixy stuff ;)

No false modesty, John, I am the worst programmer of my country!  And you
know, I live in a huge country, hahaha!!  ;D

My coding style is very famous here and everybody can learn it easily.

"I hate programming.  I hate programming.  Oh, God, it works!!!  I f*cking
love programming!!!  I want to do it forever, yay!!!  Sh¡t, what happened
now?!  I hate programming again!  Code, code..."  :P

Hahaha!!!  I flirt with a lot of languages for curiosity, but my heart
belongs to Python.  Well, at least all my pythonist friends are kicking me
hardly because of ipython 5.0. etc, etc...  I need to see it yet, whoops!

They are the cutest programmers here and I love them, but...  meh, I am
feeling very very lazy and my real hobby in the last days is purring in the
bed, with books, cute fluffy toys, blankets and smooth jazz...
#meowfeelings  (=^‥^=)

Puuuuurrr...  Rom rom rom...  ~(=^‥^)

Take care, meow!  I will be kittening here! (^ω^)

(Yup, still doing voluntary works and trying to bake the perfect crunchy
Italian bread, but I need a brief vacation.)
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