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Mon Jul 25 21:27:13 PDT 2016

> On 07/25/2016 04:42 PM, stef wrote:
> > *for those not sabotaging this list with noise, *

2016-07-26 5:05 GMT+03:00 Rayzer <rayzer at>:

> If you mean my posts I have two words for you.
> *Fuck off.*
> If you don't mean my posts backtrack to those two words. They still apply.

*At last!!! At last it's not me or Zen who reply to these kind of shitty
claims.*Thank you, Razer!

I wonder where is our beloved grarpamp AND Ted-the fucken teddy-bear, who
repeat themselves like fascist parrots about censoring the list to the
"crypto-shit only"-> sttttop the offtopic "shit".
Silence, a?... and even if not - we tell you BEFOREHAND -
*Fuck off*!
*Fuck off*! without any explanations WHY we post what we post and HOW this
is cypherpunk related, more than your strict-crypto-ONLY
topics.(explanations, which were already given dozens of times, by the way)

1. Welcome to the club.
2. Wait a few more days and post a few more great posts to get the
accusation of being a troll/fsb agent/... :D
3. Be ready to paste the FUCK OFF a few times more.
or... MANY times.

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