For ZH.... The religion of hate in one image and a few words

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On Jul 24, 2016 7:01 PM, "Bastiani Fortress" <bastianifortress at>
> We even fear to make jokes in whatsapp, rumor has it that policemen ask
to see your phone too when they do a routine check at the city center.

Please, consider using Signal or Telegram instead whatsapp.  I will test
Wire this week for fun.

They are not totally secure apps, but certainly are a bit better than
whatsapp.  I am a fan of Durov brothers' work, but I am still waiting for
an answer about this security fail for curiosity:

I don't know about migration to Europe as you asked in another thread, but
if the things become worst in Ankara, maybe could you consider to know
Brazil in person?  I am not interesting, but my neighbour is the always
charming Juan!  :P

I always say things like "Thank God I am Atheist!", but I sincerely try to
respect people's faith and, even considering God's existence very
uncertain, I always ask to God protect my loved ones.  It isn't a logical
thing, but I feel more comfortable because I know I can't protect my family
and my friends in all the moments.  Hope God, if exists, can love and feel
compassion for every single person in this crazy world.

I have Muslim friends and I was very frustrated yesterday because I've
found a Brazilian Telegram group saying awful, disgusting things about the
Islamism.  All the religions are about love.  There are crazy radical
people in all the religions and being a Christian doesn't mean anything.
It was very disgusting seeing so many people using Jesus and the Bible as
excuses to offend and to attack other persons, aff...  :((

Take care, my dear!  Warm straight hugs and my best wishes of inner peace
and hope!  Be strong!  :*

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