Police 3D Print Dead Man's Fingers To Unlock Phone

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 17:37:00 PDT 2016

On 7/21/16, grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:
> http://fusion.net/story/327145/3d-print-dead-mans-fingers-to-unlock-his-phone/
> Last month, law enforcement officers showed up at the lab of Anil
> Jain, a professor at Michigan State University. Jain wasn’t in
> trouble; the officers wanted his help.
> And Jain said he was happy to help when they got in touch: “We do it
> for the fun.”
> Just like telecoms, government "asks", university gives, for teh lols.

On 7/21/2016 2:18 PM, David I. Emery wrote:
> the police ask specialists at a nearby university (gee, a taxpayer-funded
> institution?!) for help analyzing the victim's ...

... vagina and rectum. Seems that little "happy to help" warrantless
irrational venture cost UMC El Paso / Texas Tech $1.1 million worth
of, you guessed it... taxpayer dollars again...

US woman given body cavity searches at border settles case

In the 1950s, voters created the El Paso County Hospital District,
which would govern the General Hospital, agreeing to be taxed to
support the District which would also provide indigent care.

Unlike the other hospitals in this area, University Medical Center of
El Paso is owned by the people of El Paso. They are the city’s only
not-for-profit, community hospital, which means their allegiances are
to no one other than the people they serve...

Ignoring the censorship of taxpayer funded docs in at least the front
page of the first doc... the payout is hopefully listed in the finances here.

> and the professors just laugh and say "Naw, it might violate the dead person's privacy!"

Seems to me like a whole lot more people need to be saying
"Naw, it might violate peoples rights".


$475,000 of taxpayer money, again, yet heads still aren't
rolling, and laws and lawmakers aren't changing.

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