#BlackLivesMatter: Chrome extension de-euphemize certain common phrases

John jnn at synfin.org
Fri Jul 22 12:43:52 PDT 2016

Ehhh.... Fuck a cop. 


On July 22, 2016 2:46:50 PM EDT, Steve Kinney <admin at pilobilus.net> wrote:
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>On 07/22/2016 09:51 AM, Rayzer wrote:
>> Ps. I consider that extension, even tho I don't use Chrome, an
>> Effective Use of Technology for Social Change.
>> The possibilities are limitless! Marketable as "The de-programming
>> tool on your browser bar"
>> For instance, Georgi, on another thread
>> "Are there scientific papers calling sheeple and the financial 
>> system with their true names?"
>Can't say that I see much value in toys created for the purpose of
>reinforcing the brand loyalty of Sheeple 2.0 with regard to whatever
>Identity Politics trap they have fallen into.  Of course if you /want/
>to deploy a stupidity amplifier, anything that constantly reminds a
>True Believer that he or she is better than other people will do the
>trick.  Does your bright idea help mutually alienate people who might
>otherwise band together to promote their common interests at the
>expense of their rulers?  Apply for a grant!
>Identity politics works by conditioning people to pin their self
>esteem on the inherent superiority of their racial, language,
>national, economic, social and/or political in-group.  Strict
>compliance with the pseudo-gang's rigid stereotypical beliefs and
>behaviors makes the faithful Somebodies, and prevents them from
>associating with hated Others.
>Like all effective propaganda platforms, identity politics formalizes
>and exploits a pre-existing human weakness, in this case the so-called
>herd instinct.  Identity politics is maintained and advanced through
>strategy that consistently scapegoats and demonizes targeted Others
>and, to a lesser extent, anyone else who fails to hear and obey the
>correct Party Line.  Logic, reason and practicality are off the table,
>although simulating these to provide "proofs" of what Believers
>already believe is an important part of the complete and balanced
>propaganda breakfast.  It's easy, because all issues are reduced to
>binary us versus them issues.  The more valid an evidence based
>criticism of any article of faith, the more desperately the true
>believer clutches for straws:  It doesn't take much to "rescue" them
>from wrong thinking.
>Otherwise sane and rational people become easily led animals when they
>fall under the spell of identity politics; a high IQ only means
>superior internal resources for rationalizing ignorant beliefs.
>That's where Knee Jerk Reactionary Republicans, Yellow Dog Democrats
>and other packaged personlike Product comes from, and how segmented
>markets are herded into battles that assure a populace so divided
>against itself that its rulers have a free hand to do whatever they
>want unopposed, except by easily marginalized outliers and minorities.
>Funny thing:  Lots of readers will agree with the above assessment,
>because it applies to ignorant easily led Other People, proving that
>their own identity group is better.
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