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> They did succeed in taking down the Soviet Union, by forcing it to
> bankrupt itself and disappoint its population. 

	I don't think the US military did that at all. The russians and
	their 'satellites' shot themselves in the foot.  The soviet
	system had more central planning and top-down control than
	fascist western corporatism and so it was less efficient.

	It's obviously better to give a bit more 'freedom' to your
	subjects so that you can fleece them better. Then they will
	happily murder children to defend mcdonalds and coca-cola. And
	yes, things like jew-kristian religion do help a good deal.

> But I think that
> they've consistently fucked up in the Middle East. 

	Do they get their budget cut because of their supposed
	failures? Nope. They just keep getting more money and more
	power. Total success! Countries get destroyed and 'rebuilt' by
	american firms. Success.

> Generally, they
> focus too much on short-term objectives, and set themselves up for
> eventual failure. They count too much on brute force.

	Well, of course they are nothing but murderers. But succesful
	ones. I think calling them stupid would be misleading. They are
	competent in their narrow field.

> > 	Look the US military blew up the WTC to have an excuse to
> > 	impose a global 'cyber' police state. How's their little
> > plan proceeding? 
> Short term, it's doing OK. Long term, probably not so good.

	Time will tell...Eventually all empires fall, I guess...

> I suspect that the Chinese have pwned them hard.

	Military speaking? I don't know. Hints?


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