Call for input to President's Commission on Enhancing Cybersecurity

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On 07/20/2016 12:17 PM, Spencer wrote:
> Hi,
>> Steve Kinney: Microsoft would lose a large part of its market
>> share in the business and consumer markets
> I am confident that even after the collapse, businesses running 98
> and XP will still be paying for support q:

I know of a couple of small businesses still running core missions on
Windows 98; in their use cases it "just works" and they see no need to
fix it.  There are still millions of XP installations grinding away
out there.  When a tool has successfully supported necessary business
process for years, rational managers don't replace it until it either
breaks or something comes along that offers a real improvement in the
performance of the enterprise as a whole.  Hence the key roles of
forced obsolescence, managed security failure, and product
misrepresentation in the wonderful world of proprietary software.

> People, on the other hand, will be using the free and open-source 
> KanyeOS built on the BAE-Waynux system.

Post-apocalypse, Free Software will dominate because of its superior
performance in the context of salvaging and repurposing hardware, and
because it already has a distributed architecture in place for
developing and maintaining software.

The more Free Software we have in our large scale integrated
infrastructure today, the faster and better we can stand up a
patchwork quilt of autonomous infrastructures tomorrow.


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