the most annoying thing about Juan

Александр afalex169 at
Tue Jul 19 22:48:23 PDT 2016

And back to the original post from Zenaan...
(sorry teddy, your attempt of misleading didn't succeed after all)

*Juan was 100% right. And he was the only one on tor-talk and the
cypherpunk list, who persistently (for years!) claimed that Tor is totally
fucked up.*
And now there are unambiguous proves from all the evidences that came out
in the recent months (not that before there was nothing).

So, thank you, Juan.

The teddy-bears on this list who are so fucken smart and so educated and
"strict cypherpunki"... - are not so smart after all. And this "troll/fsb
agent" Juan... is smarter than them.

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