the most annoying thing about Juan

Александр afalex169 at
Tue Jul 19 22:29:03 PDT 2016

2016-07-20 2:42 GMT+03:00 Sean Lynch <seanl at>:

> What, you can't copy and paste? Александр directly transliterates as
> "Aleksandr". I'm guessing from his email address that "Alex" might be
> acceptable.
> Thanks, Sean.
I guess it's way too complicated for this too smarti/cypherpunki Teddy-bear


tedks at
> Juan, Zeeblocks, and the Cyrillic name guy are pretty obvious Russian
> internet troll army sorts of people. That's been obvious for a while. (Who
> else links to Russia fucking today?)
> It's a shame we let the FSB kill cpunks.

Those bullshit accusations are (especially) really really funny to read
from a hollow person who never published anything serious on this list.
Just whining every three months about "Zenaan, Juan and this Cyrillic guy"
(wau, teddy-bear, you really hurt me :( )
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