on grokiing intention

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 05:24:42 PDT 2016

Zenaan and Alexander,

It's fun in some moments, but I decided to avoid feeding dumb trolls.  Time
and patience are very limited resources, so it probably will be my last
message for you both.  You are really boring, meh!  :(

Sorry, I don't respect dumb, stupid and pretentious people, with a huge
complex of superiority and an ego bigger than Putin's baldness.

But if you both want to complain about who has the biggest ego, please,
always remember:  -  I am fabulous, b¡tches.  You both are donkeys, I am a
colorful unicorn.  You walk, I parade.  You will be dust, I will be
glitter!  <3

Hahaha!!  Just joking for the lulz, but remember I am a professional troll
and you both are begginners and not so smart.  ;)

I am not a pig, but I prefer being juicy, tasty bacon than repulsive
Vegemite.  And I really love pearls.  They look great with dresses and high
heels.  Very classy!  <3

At least, I am really happy, because Zenaan finally stopped writing me in
private and copying me in every stupid message sent to a person of this
group.  It was ridiculous and non sense, but he spent more than a month to
perceive he was being ignored and/or rejected.  Very slow and disgusting
guy, ugh!  :(((

Happy oink, oink for you both!  (ˆ(oo)ˆ)

Cecilia, adopting Zen Chinchilla Philosophy from now on, hihi...  ;)

PS 1:  -  A person who really cares about another person, at least, try to
write correctly their name.  The problem was not misspelling Georgi's name,
but showing you simply don't care about him, even after spending zillions
of words trying to prove you really care about others.  Pure
contradiction.  "D'oh!" again, slow guy.

PS 2:  -  You probably will appreciate the "Zen Chinchilla Philosophy",
Mirimir.  Some years ago, I adapted an idea just to annoy a stupid guy and
used a chinchilla as example.  It worked well, but I should write a "Zen
Chichilla Manifesto" just for fun.  You know, I am so cute as a
chinchilla.  But  - thank God! -  not so furry, haha!!  ;D

Repeating:  -  Please, if I die in the next days, tell everybody that all
these disgusting and repetitive messages licking Putin's b at lls, ignoring
all the Russian government's fails, and against "The West", "The Empire",
etc, etc, killed me with infinite and painful boredom, ugh!  It's a cruel
torture, a real crime against the humanity!  :P

But, well, everything in Australia wants to kill you.  Aparently, also
Zenaan, even when pretending to be an eternal misunderstood victim of
society's ignorance.  Oh, poor Zen!  :'(

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