Two Different Instructors On Using Tor Crypto Etc...

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Mon Jul 18 02:55:23 PDT 2016

On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 12:52:11AM -0600, Mirimir wrote:
> On 07/17/2016 01:17 AM, grarpamp wrote:
> >
> > http://bpo4ybbs2apk4sk4.onion/
> It doesn't mention Whonix! WTF?

most of this is pre-snowden stuff, there has been little updates in the last
few years. it's quite a bit of work not only to maintain this (new screenshots
for changing UIs over the years) and then also translating all this in all the
languages in which it is available. dunno if ttc had attracted more funding to
update siab lately.

> This would not have protected people against FBI attacks on users of

i contributed to siab but i stopped recommending it 1-2 years ago, as i have
similar concerns as you regarding the material.

> Freedom Hosting and PlayPen. If FBI does that shit, do you think that
> NSA doesn't? Or that your other favorite evil TLAs don't?

the clients of the above linked material are usually (sadly) aligned with the
interests of US foreign policy. and just like with tor (also the basis for
whonix as you surely know) i'm not surprised the US is sponsoring something
they can break, but provides some cover for the pawns in their geopolitical

otr fp:

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