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On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 04:45:26PM +0300, Georgi Guninski wrote:
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> > On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 03:37:29PM +0300, Georgi Guninski wrote:
> > > On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 10:13:45PM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> > > > What causes our blindness?
> > > > 
> > > ...
> > > > - attachment to our own beliefs/ world views
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> ...
> > You must only believe my ANTI-commie propaganda! That other stuff I spew
> > out is highly suspect at the best of times...
> Well, didn't you just write that "beliefs" cause blindness? And want me
> to "believe" you?


Find your own center!

Do you have a conscience (serious question)?

If so, what is it that --your-- conscience says is right, and says is

Feel free to ask me what I believe, or think you "should" believe, or
what can we do, or whatever, but ultimately the only thing that matters
in this world is your own inner authority - what YOU choose to do and
effect into this world as best you can!

You can answer that question here, or hold it as a precious candle of
righteousness inside yourself - that is always up to you - but choose
wisely, foster that which is good and righteous inside yourself, do what
you can to strengthen that part of yourself that is good for the world!

Seriously, we (and I include myself here) in "the West" are truly
schooled in various things which mostly disempower us and cause us to be
really fucked up in a few fundamentals. Here are just two of them:

1) We humans seek external authority.

grarpamp, what I believe or say ultimately shouldn't matter --to the
things that are important to you personally--.

In school from a terribly young age we "yes sir" and "no sir" and accept
our punishment of detention when we rebel against the insanity, inanity
and motivation-destroying environment that is "school" - 45 minutes and
BANG there goes the fire bell! OFF to another class for you NO MATTER
how engrossed you are in the current subject - even if you FINALLY
managed to clear you mind just a little, start reading or start
actually contemplating or juggling a thought or two but NO! PACK YOUR
GEAR SON AND GET TO THE NEXT CLASS, you gotta change topic NOW!!

And you obey.

Because you have no option. Your parents sent you there. Everyone else
obeys. We are schooled to obey.

Except some drop out and or fail to learn even to read and write.

But we learn that we must obey EXTERNAL authority!

The school bell. The teacher. The parents. The police officer.
The government. The think tank.

So, grarpamp, do NOT project your authority onto me!

Seriously STOP!

For this world to have ANY hope of getting better, you must live your
own authority.

Of course this means you first find your authority, within yourself.

All I can do is ask a question or two, post a hopefully provocative
anti-pro-commie link to kick your brain, all Juan can do is try to point
out a possible attachment you have to your government or a particular
implied or explicit belief you seem to have and ask you (rhetorically)
"grarpamp, do you really want to keep holding that belief?"

Sometimes perhaps we should be asked by a Juan or a John "can you see
what I see about what you say?"

There is no perfect question! It is our own, individual job to wake up -
we must do our part if we are to have any -hope- of waking up or at
least seeing something we did not see before!

You see, when you get caught up in "oh that's just propaganda" or "Juan
you offended me I'm kill filing you", you are a sheep, lost in
personality, lost in self pity, some sense of hurt or shame or pride or
some other bullshit. Piss it off!

Same goes for me - I've been caught up too many times in what I
perceived as personal attacks on me SO many times its bloody
embarrassing in hindsight. And next. I've witnessed my aggression
towards others when I felt I was "unfairly" treated, jibed, dismissed or
attacked - one or two incidents of this (my reactive aggressive towards
another individual) have brought upon myself many years of personal
heart pain. Life's a bitch - or rather, I've been a bitch, and I just
hope people forgive me here and there, and that I catch myself more as I
go forward, before I blurt out some hurtful or bullying statement.
Memories can tear us apart, so I try to transform them into positive
action arising from my conscience. Might not be much... but I try...

Embrace the clarity that Juan thinks he brings for me (mostly) it looks
like clarity - if you can't see it, and are blinded by some bullshit
sense of personal injury, Fuck that off bro!  

The pity pot ain't useful for fixing this world!

Seriously, who gives a rat's arse what Juan or I or anyone think about
you? But truly, if you read between the lines, it looks to me like Juan
really cares about you. Few go to such lengths as he does to say "dude,
do you hear yourself!"

Sure, you don't have to agree with him (or me, or anyone), you might
think he's wrong, hell he might be wrong! Who cares? STOP TAKING IT
PERSONALLY! We don't have time for that!

"What is it I might not be seeing?"

Most everyone round these parts (besides the CIA and USA apologists) is
actually wanting and hoping that we might glean some new nugget to help
us and others help this world, to help stop the evil that USA gov is

Others use the list to dump their brain, to try to get clarity through
feedback, to try to uncover some evil or potential problem presenting
itself some place on the glove. Many just look and listen.

It is heartbreaking to witness what's happening in the world, but we
cannot look away, we must continue ...

2) We humans project our own nature onto others.

Example: if we are 'lustful yet guilty feeling', we (humans) tend to
assume most/ all others are lustful and guilty feeling - classic problem
in relationships where partner A has an awesome partner B; partner B is
vivacious, socially and sexually confident and matching the natural
desires and appetite of partner A, and is naturally charismatic, so when
in public, partner B is happy to flirt and "be cheeky" whilst knowing at
all times they are faithful to their partner A since they are
trustworthy and therefore trust themselves as well as their partner A;

yet despite such an awesome partner B, partner A cannot cope because
they themselves are insecure and sexually guilt-laden due to their
"Church umbrella" upbringing, so they distrust partner B, they PROJECT
onto partner B, the insecurities and lack of strength that they feel
themselves, and far too often, for such reasons, partner A breaks off
the relationship!

So (Peter I'm looking at you on this one :) stop projecting on your
"leaders" in your "democratic UK government" that just because they
"debate" a new Act, don't assume it is an Act which has good intention
behind it, don't assume that the words that can be taken to have
meanings that clearly actively against our interests, "might not really
be against us, or here's hoping" - that way lies madness and the well
paved roads to hell!

Just because -you- have good intentions, don't assume others do. Of
course, assume good faith, but --vigorously-- test their bullshit
(including mine of course!) in case they have bad intention.  If they
truly have good intention, they will thank you and fix up their
bullshit, if they don't, they are either terminally schooled, or active
against our interests.

Good luck,

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