on grokiing intention

Александр afalex169 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 07:08:08 PDT 2016

> Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> To those who intentionally perpertrate deception, confusion, lies and
> evil, may the warriors of sanity tear your evil words to shreds!
Amen, brother.

Georgi Guninski wrote:
> Well, if I don't believe in my world view, whom to believe?
> Your pro-commie propaganda?
I can't believe i read such a boolshit comment from a human being with mind.
Zenaan wrote ... teared his chest apart and took out his heart, put it down
in front of all of us in this comment/essay (and not only here).. and what
do we see? Such a superficial, stupid, arrogant comment.

> the majority of your posts on this lists boil down to:
> u$a bad (true IMHO), russia good (false IMHO).
Again. super-superficial super-boolshit that was written by a man without
mind and heart/soul.
Hope the "silent" readers are much much more "human" than this kind of
stupidity, or more precisely - absolute emptiness.


*Zen, never reply to this kind of comments. It's pure trolling and
conscious attempt to hurt you. That's it.*
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