Attempted coup d'etat in Turkey

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On 07/16/2016 03:32 PM, Bastiani Fortress wrote:
> An unbelievable night it was, yesterday :S I live in ankara the
> capital, and our house shook with jet shockwaves and bombs till 5 a.m.
> (could not get a proper sleep, obviously).
> Things seem to have settled down today. It was a very, very immature
> and idiotically conducted coup attempt, mistakes were way too amateur,
> especially considering turkish army's expertise on how to "restore
> democracy" in its history.
> First off, as a very brief intro to power struggle in turkey; there
> are secularist nationalists, which have been dominant ideologically in
> state and military through all republic's history. Then erdogan's
> islamist party won elections and in 14 years, first time in republic's
> history, has managed to purge secularists from army, police
> departments and judiciary system so extensively. Via show trials,
> planted evidences, false accusations, etc., they have put all
> secularist army personel in prison with accusations of coup attempts.
> Some of the officers were not very innocent (army is known to have
> ousted islamist govts before), but in overall, very few and immature
> real evidence was expanded by way more lies, used to purge almost all
> secularists in army.
> Then there is a religious sect following the cleric fethullah gulen
> (who has been residing in pennsylvania for some time now). They have
> been hand in hand with erdogan in coming to power and all of
> secularist-purging operations all these years, they are also
> ideologically compatible with erdogan against the modern, pro-western
> secularists and other leftists. But eventually, they had come to a
> power struggle with erdogan and went in full scale war with hım with
> phone tapes disclosing massive corruption and hidden unlawful funds by
> erdogan and his circle. Accusations and detention operations have been
> exchanged and erdogan has come victorious from that too. (I will refer
> to gulen organisation as "cemaat" from now on.)
> As any one with too much power and popularity, erdogan is now seeking
> to secure even more power (to form a total one man dictatorship with
> strong personality cult, to be precise) by changing the constitution
> and fundamentals of republic. He could not manage to gather enough
> political support (though he has a 45%-50% voter base) and
> deliberately made the country into a living hell, letting massive
> syrian refugee groups into country without proper preparations and
> security (some of which are isis affiliated); breaking the peace talks
> with kurd insurgents and provoking them by means of bloody military
> operations into their cities; subtly (and sometimes openly) supporting
> isis and not taking a strong stance against their terrorists inside
> the borders (he constantly cracked down on leftist students and
> intelligentsia whereas caught isis terrorists were being kept a few
> days under detention and easily released). We have been enduring
> frequent and horrible terror bombings at vital points in ankara and
> istanbul for about a year now. Most people, unfortunately (this is
> actually a classic, though) consolidating around him with extensive
> propaganda and with hopes that he will provide a strong leadership to
> stop this mayhem (with the irony, of course, that he is the one mostly
> responsible for all this bloodshed).
> Now...
> The coup attempt was done yesterday, without any apparent support
> whatsoever from opposition parties, civil organisations or foreign
> countries. They could not manage to seize erdogan or any other govt
> ofiicials. They could not manage to disrupt media or communications
> (except a coup declaration from the national channel), whereas erdogan
> managed to make a media coverage with teleconference, calling the
> people to get down on streets and protest the rolling tanks. Coup
> staff has bombed security and intelligence headquarters (they are very
> loyal to erdogan), and eventually the parliament building itself with
> jets. They made incredibly stupid moves, did not arrest any govt
> personel, could not prevent media's pro-erdogan propaganda calling
> people to streets, could not seize erdogan where even i myself could
> keep track of his presidential aircraft from air traffic websites. No
> leader for coup emerged, people could not even determine the ideology
> of the rebels, lest show any support. In the end, it was ousted. Here
> are the few theories for the coup attempt:
> 1- The coup was sincerely a coup, pulled off by still remaining few
> secularist generals veeery clumsily and failed.
> 2- It was conducted by cemaat generals, knowing that they will also be
> purged at the next defence counsel (poor translation?) in a desperate
> attempt to hold on to their last chances.
> 3- It was mit (intel office of turkey, reputed to be loyal to erdogan
> nowadays) falsely informing the generals with a secularist coup plan,
> where they were given missions that will create terror but not
> actually do any harm to erdogan's staff, claiming the critical jobs
> like arresting erdogan, seizing media, etc. were allocated to *some
> other general*. They took their parts with high hopes, only to
> discover they were deceived and suddenly left with blood on their
> hands with insufficient power to finish what they started. In
> desparation, they threw everything they have, bombing the assembly
> building and shooting around. This theory sounded like the most likely
> to me.
> 4- It was a total hoax by erdogan.
> Whatever it was, we appear to be doomed now. Erdogan consolidated his
> power, he's going to arrest whoever he likes and nobody's going to
> question his rationale. His supporters have been brought down to
> streets and are now highly provoked, possibly leading to random
> violence and moblynching against minorities and opposers. He's gained
> great sympathy from other rightwing voters (he's been using an
> anti-coup rethoric all along his carreer, posing as the aggrieved of
> constant aggression from military staff as an elected entity himself).
> Calls to public to gather at the airport and guard erdogan were made
> from mosques all through the night with religious verses (wtf,
> really?! apparantly they like to depict this as a coup against their
> invisible friend up in the skies).
> I am very worried for the countries' future, and for myself. This is
> the current situation. Any comments are welcome.

I REALLY appreciate the backgrounder Bastiani. My take on Gulen is he'd
just as soon stay in Pennsylvania...


> 7:08 PM, July 16, 2016, Rayzer <rayzer at
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>     On 07/16/2016 04:40 AM, Georgi Guninski wrote:
>          Consider searching the web for:
>          news Turkey coup d'etat
>          Someone old told me coup d'etat's are common for Turkey, the
>         search
>          terms are:
>          history Turkey coup d'etat
>          Does the NATO's Turkey have nukes?
>     NOW, here's a 'conspiracy' theory...
>     A number of Turkish soldiers are saying they thought the coup was a
>     drill... Of course You'd say that too if a firing squad or
>     beheading was
>     the other option.
>     ON THE OTHER HAND Erdogan could be seen to be setting up a fake
>     coup to
>     use as excuse to kill of dissenting elements in the Turkish
>     Military who
>     say he's trying to create an islamist state and use the puny,
>     half-assed, undermined-from-the-git coup attempt by low-level officers
>     (patsies to you) to cement his power, as dictator, who allows the
>     supplying of ‪‎ISIS‬, and whose son owns the trucks that
>     transport, the
>     refineries that process, the ships that carry to market, oil
>     stolen from
>     Iraq and elsewhere, again, by ISIS.
>     Rr
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