Tor Replaces Its Entire Board

juan juan.g71 at
Fri Jul 15 11:54:32 PDT 2016

On Fri, 15 Jul 2016 02:27:24 -0400
Steve Kinney <admin at> wrote:

> I have myself been declared a motherfucker by Juan's executive fiat,

	You mean, because you repeat stupid nsa propaganda about tor?

> though not if I recall correctly a Statist Pig.  

	Yeah, unlike rayzer you do make good libertarian points - 

> Perhaps this post
> will rectify that deficiency.  Only time will tell.

	Let's see...

> The absence of any legal proceedings, criminal or civil, seems rather
> a big data point. 

	Ah, so, you are a statist pig after all =)

	Why don't you cut the crap Steve and pick the explanation where
	rayzer left it. To recap : rayzer explained nothing, so you
	can start right at the begining. 

> Pardon my macroaggression, but there is a very current Identity
> Politics fad for cutting all Male Pigs down to size,

	Yeah, true, and irrelevant. 

	The issue is, pay attention, How is it possible for the
	amazing, transparent, and 'freedom fighting' tor project to
	use all those dirty tricks against one of their most amazing
	transparent and freedom fighting members? 

	If you don't understand what I am asking because of my
	obvious and admitedly mediocre command of the english

	If you don't, and avoid the question like rayzer does,
	then I'll correctly conclude that you are just as
	dishonest as he is.

> It is highly probable that IF a political warfare activity was asked
> to arrange this party for Our Mr. Applebaum, they could quote a very
> reasonable price and deliver the goods on time. 

	So it's just a matter of waiting for the next 'financial
	report' from tor inc. in order to learn how much the tor project
	paid to get rid of their accomplice appelbaum?

	The report will have an entry like 

	"psyop against appelbaum.........$300,000*.........CIA" 

	"*paid through syverson's cayman offshore account"

> The beauty part:  By
> itself this observation proves nothing, as it is difficult or
> impossible to prove absent a credible inside source.  That's the
> beauty part of the institution of State Secrecy.

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