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On 07/15/2016 06:09 AM, John Newman wrote:

>> On Jul 15, 2016, at 2:27 AM, Steve Kinney <admin at>
>> wrote:

>> It is possible that Our Mr. Applebaum is a raging asshole who
>> routinely mistreats women in serious ways.  But if so, the lack
>> of any criminal charges or civil action is surprising.
>> It is possible that he is a victim of spontaneous combustion
>> comparable to the Mean Girls on the cheerleading squad getting
>> some amusing revenge, motivated by nothing more serious than some
>> naive sap's socially awkward behavior.  That model fits the
>> available evidence better than the criminal model.
>> It is highly probable that IF a political warfare activity was
>> asked to arrange this party for Our Mr. Applebaum, they could
>> quote a very reasonable price and deliver the goods on time.  The
>> beauty part:  By itself this observation proves nothing, as it is
>> difficult or impossible to prove absent a credible inside source.
>> That's the beauty part of the institution of State Secrecy.
> Wtf is or was so important about Appelbaum that would lead to any
> kind of massive conspiratorial smear campaign? Who gains from
> taking him down? He may talk about him a lot, but he's not Julian
> Assange.

I don't know.  He may have done as little as personally offended
someone with the power to order his disposal.  It does seem a bit much
to call a conspiratorial operation at this scale "massive" in the
world where the 911 attack happened, and U.S. propaganda assets
continue to sell false narratives of /many/ violent events to the

The stunning success of efforts to manage Western press coverage of
the annexation of Libya on Secretary Clinton's watch is more
frightening to me than the whole history of the Bush/Obama
Administration's nuclear brinksmanship vs. the Russian Federation,
still in progress and apparently locked in for eight more years.

> Maybe he was just a douche bag with a few people too many and they
> threw up some exaggerated reports to get him chucked.

To me that seems the most likely answer.  "Douchebag" is in the eye of
the beholder, and it doesn't take much to trigger disproportionate
retaliation in a hostile workplace environment.

> In any event, he doesn't seem to be fighting back particularly
> hard.

Lao Tzu has a lot to say about the strategic value of calculated
non-action.  Attorneys generally advise world + dog to wait for the
opposition to disclose everything it has before doing anything other
than assert the right to remain silent.


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