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Fri Jul 15 08:09:13 PDT 2016

On 07/15/2016 08:42 AM, John Newman wrote:
> On 2016-07-15 08:16, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
>> There is a phrase, and you can pretend I said this immortal quote but
>> it would not be the case that I originated it:
>> "One man can change the world."
>> A man who stands on principle can be many things which can change a
>> particular "world" (if not the world at large):
>>  - the canary in the mine whistleblower, e.g. "keeping the TOR bastards
>>    honest" and thus causing a lot of angst for those who wanted to use
>>    Tor for their state-sponsored human-subversive intentions
>>  - the sole individual who facilitates/ is the conduit for key
>>    transmissions of whistleblowers and their information, to a publisher
>>    who has infrastructure to publish bypassing national "intelligence
>>    networks" - e.g. to connect a Chelsie Manning to a Julian Assange.
>> Remember - there was (perhaps still is, we don't know because it's so
>> top secretive) a grand jury out to hang draw and quarter Julian Assange,
>> an Australian - I think Australia has an extradition treaty with USA, we
>> certainly host Pine Gap which is a global hub for the USA/ five eyes.
>> HUGE resources have been put into this case against Julian
>> - plane flights
>> - enrollement of foreign so-called "sovereign" governments such as
>>   UK, Sweden, Australia
>> - subversion of the Swedish justice department
>> - unilaterally grounding the aeroplane of the president of Ecuador
>> - and probably plenty more behind the scenes which we are not aware of
>>   publicly.
>> The USA/CIA/FBI/NorthAmerican Government wants Julian Assange really,
>> really badly!
>> From inside the Ecuadorian embassy, Julian --continues-- to publish
>> things which embarrass the North American establishment oligarchs -
>> Hitlery emails, banking scandals, war files and plenty more.
>> Wikileaks (with all its problems which around these parts some are aware
>> of) is a MASSIVE thorn in the side of the Empire of the North American
>> and Atlantic Regime.
> I absolutely agree with everything you've said about Assange, and fully
> think his interment in Ecuador (the embassy) stems from the massive
> embarrassment
> he caused and continues to cause to governments, corporations, etc.
>> Jacob Applebaum was a key figure facilitating the conduit of leakers to
>> Assange, and, apparently, certainly quite possibly, keeping the bastards
>> honest at Tor Inc, which was supposed to be an American Military and CIA
>> operation - and here was this pipsqueak Jacob taking the "published
>> principles of an intention (however weakly implemented) toward aiding
>> public anonymity of transmission of information", literally!
>> Jacob Applebaum took that fucking intention fucking literally!
>> The fucking hide of him!!!
> I don't know enough about what Appelbaum ever did beyond some (IMO)
> over-hyped
> "art projects" and name-dropping Assange every 5 minutes in that
> internal tor
> IRC chat that was leaked. So, seeing I have a lack of knowledge here,
> I'll take you at your word at his importance.
>> Perhaps he was grateful for the opportunity to bow out? IDK, just
>> postulating of course, but hell, if he really was the only man truly
>> standing in the gaggle of self interested, intensely feminazi and pro
>> CIA agents employees of Tor Inc, for that many years, I imagine he'd
>> "fucking had enough". Perhaps few men could stand as long as he did in
>> his situation... most are armchair anarchists, armchair Mannings,
>> armchair Assanges, waving our arms at "What a fucking bad job they're
>> doing, I could do it SO much better".
> Perhaps you're right!  :)

As a former labor organizer i know that when you are under a microscope
every personal fault you have will be used against you. If you are a
minute late you will be legally fired. If you take too lake a break you
will be canned.

If you are a political organizer it will be your personal faults that
will be used against you - your excessed with booze or drugs or
inability to control impulses or in this case apparent intoxication with
power in relationships.

I very much enjoyed Jakes presentations but i can see how rock star
status can be too much for some. It's important to stay sober when you
are under the gun.

--- Marina

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