Tor Replaces Its Entire Board

juan juan.g71 at
Thu Jul 14 21:07:16 PDT 2016

On Thu, 14 Jul 2016 20:16:43 -0700
Rayzer <rayzer at> wrote:

> I'm saying you're a trolling nutjob. Nutjob.
> It's not 'the rest'. It's 'a few'.

	lol! you are delusional =)

	Do you know that your beloved tor project threw that
	'anarchist', pentagon-financed clown appelbaum under the bus?
	How did that happen, sonny? =)  How is it possible that the tor
	freedon fighters didn't show any sort of 'solidarity' for their
	brother appelbaum? =)

	How do explain what's going on with a 'few' high-ranking tor
	cunts, sonny? Why are you so unwilling to share your little
	conspiracy theory? =)

	You know what you should be explaining? You should explain what
	kind of retard 'trusts' a 'project' staffed by gentlemen like
	the tor gentlemen.

	The tor gentlemen : on the pentagon's payroll. Having CIA
	employees. Lunatic left-wing 'feminist' fascists. Censors.
	And above all, backstabbing scumbags. They sure are people who
	deserve "full trust" =) 

> There's a difference Nutjob.

	In your delusional mind? sure.

> >
> > 	How can such a horrible conspiracy be possible?? You sound
> > like a nutjob rayzer...
> >
> > 	And of course, a leading 'anarchist' like you get his
> > 	facts from the police. Isn't that cute...
> >
> I don't get facts from the police. If and when it occurs I get
> INFORMATION from them.

	You say nothing happened because your government's police force
	(or germany's) says nothing happened? You are the king of
	anarchists rayzer! And's how's the DVM doing? Are people
	showing their papieren in den autobahnen?

> There's a difference ... Nutjob.

	for charlatans like you, yes.

> >
> > 	Well, it's obvious that you are a  charlantan too. 
> >
> > 	Github has been 'compromised'...
> That seems to be the sentiment of quite a few people 

	You are rambling =)

> who put their
> code there... Nutjob.

> There's an "orchestrasted institutional slander campaign", by people
> who have a bone to pick with ioerror, 

	Oh. People. And who are these people? =) What do they do for a
	living? =) What are their political views? =)
	Are you talking about your friends from the tor 'project' inc. ?

> and it doesn't seem to be the
> 'bone' that allegedly got rammed up their allegedly unwilling asses
> or else there's be a police report from ONE OF THEM by now, and for
> your information, NUTJOB, I have no friends that came from ANYTHING
> related to computers or the industry. 

	Come on rayzer. Since you are a high ranking, highly dishonest
	tor-bot, it's quite safe to assume that they are your friends.
	Or employeers. Or something like that...

> I make acquaintances with
> Libertarian psychopaths (like you nutjob), I don't befriend them.

	lol! I think the psychos are your friends...and family. Didn't
	you mention your dad was a psycho from the US military? =) 

> ArAr

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