The Moon landing again - Fw: Neil Armstrong's Boots

Rayzer rayzer at
Tue Jul 12 07:42:40 PDT 2016

On 07/12/2016 06:54 AM, Bastiani Fortress wrote:
> 12.07.2016, 16:48, "Tom" <tom at>:
>>>  This massive thrust would have blown the dust away from the landing area
>>>  creating a massive dust cloud, so why was thick dust still on the ground
>>>  and no massive dust cloud? Please explain NASA.
>> No atmosphere, no blowing.
>> - Tom
> He's talking about the module thrusters, you don't need atmosphere to blow particles on the ground.

And they drop right back down pretty much where they stirred from.

Ever worked in a machine shop that had banks of Negative Ion Generators
in the ceiling for dust control?

Like that.

Ps. Didn't the LE module use the smaller outrigger thrusters to land? I
don't think the main engine was operational as it approached the surface
b/c minimal gravity so it's not like the thing needed massive energy to
keep from a hard touchdown.

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