Facebook Messenger adds end-to-end encryption.

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2016-07-09 7:46 GMT+03:00 jim bell <jdb10987 at yahoo.com>:

> https://techcrunch.com/2016/07/08/messenger-adds-end-to-end-encryption/
> Quote:
> "Facebook Messenger wants to be your primary messaging app. As people
> become more and more concerned about security, being the best messaging app
> means being the most secure. That’s why Facebook is finally adding an
> option for users to encrypt their chats in Messenger.
> Messenger will begin to offer an end-to-end encryption feature to a
> limited test group of users today. It’s a security option that’s been a
> long time coming for Facebook, which has considered making end-to-end
> encryption available for several months. The so-called “secret
> conversations” debuted today will be only visible to the sender and the
> reader, which means Facebook can’t enable some of the chatbot and payment
> features that are normally a part of the Messenger experience. However,
> end-to-end encryption boxes out law enforcement and even Facebook itself
> from reading users’ chats, ensuring that their conversations remain private.
> Messenger has also taken steps to make sure that chats remain secure, even
> if a user’s device gets lost or stolen. In secret conversations, Messenger
> will allow users to set an expiration date for a message so that it won’t
> be visible in the conversation forever. Once the time runs out, the message
> will vanish from the devices of all users in the conversation. Facebook
> released technical details about its implementation of secret conversations
> in a white paper (PDF
> <https://fbnewsroomus.files.wordpress.com/2016/07/secret_conversations_whitepaper.pdf>
> ).
> Secret conversation mode will only be available on iOS and Android, not in
> Messenger.com, Facebook chat, or the desktop Messenger app — at least for
> now. Facebook’s vice president of messaging products David Marcus told
> TechCrunch that the addition of end-to-end encryption is intended to help
> Messenger become everyone’s go-to app."
> [end of portion quoted]
>                      Jim Bell
> Jim, everyone,
is it just me, or.... but when i see/hear the word "facebook" i get
vomiting reflex and can't force myself reading further?

I'm not talking about using/not using it (facebook/their new secUUUre app),
but talking about trust. *A total lack of trust toward them.* No matter
what they write, say or "invent".

Reminds me a saying on Russian towards a well known enemy which states,
"you can kill me, but i won't believe you".


* the same refers to google too, of course. I use it, for example, 'cause i
*have to* from various of reasons, but do i trust them? NO WAY. Do i use it
for sensitive stuff? NO WAY. And their "new encryption" or "goody goody
statements"  won't buy my trust after all the revelations! And i don't need
"new" revelations to keep that in my mind.

But.... am i the only one? Do we need a Snowden explosion every 3-5 years
to keep in mind that we are being fucked up all the time by the
googles-facebooks and alike? -> thus NOT to trust them, no matter how they
I hope that we don't.
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