comprehending the heart's nationalism

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri Jul 8 05:12:50 PDT 2016

> > Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and our beloved US are all ex 
> > colonies/administrative divisions of the british empire - the 
> > quintessential state created by conquest.

> By conquest, in every case listed.  Ask the descendants of people who
> lived there before sea power in the ages of canvas and steam existed.
>  Some have gone in for 100% compromise and accommodation in later
> generations, others are not quite so forgetful.

One land mass can be the place for more than one change in national

The point is, America had a revolutionary war to "free" themselves from
Great Britain, whereas by the time the colonies of Australasia decided
to secede, the Crown allowed for most powers going to the new country
Australia, without any civil war, just a referendum.

So, there is precedent for creation of a new state (country) by
secession and referendum, rather than conquest and/ or war.

This precedent, although benefitting mainly just the "landed gentry"
(land owners), is still something we can view with significant regard as
a better way than civil war.

Today's Ukraine shows us a classic case of the two examples: Crimea
managed to get support from Russia for a referendum and voted almost
unanimously for secession, which Russia duly recognised. The Donbass
however, were not granted this option and instead must continue to fight
for their lives against the Ukro-Nazis from the West who would rather
kill ever Russian speaking Ukrainian they can get their hands on - the
ongoing war there is an absolute disgrace to Europe, France, Germany, UK
and the rest of the Western regime's cabal who supported the overthrow
of Ukraine (for the n'th time), and refused to demand that the new
(Nazi-fied) government stop killing its own citizens in the East who
want at least a federalization (like we have in Australia, and I believe
is not too dissimilar to the North American United States).

Instead all we get is endless repetition of the western MSM meme "Russia
illegally annexed Crimea".

That's called bullshit word manipulation! If "illegal annexation" is all
it was, then the citizens of Crimea are massively grateful for that
"illegal annexation" and the citizens of the Donbass/ Novorossia sadly
pine for the day they are not longer shelled, bombed and shot on a daily

If only Victoria Nuland's "fuck the EU" had the right intention behind
it... the EU, like the US, is absolutely disgraceful!

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