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> Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and our beloved US are all ex 
> colonies/administrative divisions of the british empire - the 
> quintessential state created by conquest.
> Even if some of the - partial - secessions were 'consensual' as far
> as state agents were concerned, the new states never got any
> consent from 'their' subjects.
> And even if a state is not created by literal 'foreign' conquest,
> it still operates exactly like an invading army. Which is actually
> worse since it's your own 'countrymen' the ones who are invading
> and plundering you.
>> and not "by conquest and violence" even though it is true that
>> the majority of states ("countries") in existence were created by
>> conquest and violence.
>> New Zealand and Canada and perhaps other Commonwealth states, I
>> think share similar non violent histories, though I am no
>> historian, so please do your own research if important.
>> Setting aside this historical exception to the "conquest and
>> violence" rule about the creation of states, the paper gives much
>> to think and debate about.

By conquest, in every case listed.  Ask the descendants of people who
lived there before sea power in the ages of canvas and steam existed.
 Some have gone in for 100% compromise and accommodation in later
generations, others are not quite so forgetful.

Try Buffy Sainte-Marie:  She's harmless, she writes country songs and
was a regular on Sesame Street.


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