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> On 7/6/16 12:51 PM, juan wrote:
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> >> On 6/30/16 1:10 PM, juan wrote:
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> >>>
> >>>>  In the unlikely
> >>>> event that we elect Trump, 
> >>> 	He is unlikely to be elected because he's marginally
> >>> better than that murderours cunt, your boss hitlery.
> >> Not sure why a sexist slur makes any difference.
> > 	"sexist"? The fuck are you taling about? Oh wait. I guess
> > that pandering to feminazi cunts is your way to try to get laid?
> > 	Sad.
> Perhaps you were using the UK definition of 'cunt', although that
> usage is, I think, often as an endearment, much like 'bastard' or
> 'dude' in the US.  In some locales, it's almost always used in a
> sexist sense.  Anyway, your stooping to ad hominem attacks means
> you've already lost the argument.

	What argument? There's isn't any argument on sight, on your
	part at least.

	By-the-way :

	"1) A person so vile as to be without any redeeming feature."
	"2) stupid/contemptible person of either gender " 

	"Only in America is this considered a specifically misogynistic
	insult "

	Another reason to use it against ameriCUNTS - so that they
	reveal themselves as lunatic, 'politically correct' puritans
	from the anti-sex league. 

	Sexism!! What a terrible horrible crime against humanity!!!

> I was on BBSs in 1982, 

	Congrats? And I give a damn, why?

>  Calling me names on the Internet is not going
> to phase me.

	I'm just being descriptive ;)

> >>  Murderous?  Are all
> >> US leaders, in general, murderous 
> > 	
> > 	Of course.
> Well, no wonder.  So, if you were President of the US, 

	Sorry, your question is absurd. I, unlike you, happen to be in a
	crypto anarchist mailing list because I subscribe to the
	anarchist political philosophy. I hope you can get the correct
	conclusion from that premise, regarding me being 'president' of

> what would you
> do differently?  How would that work better?
> > 	Now tell me Stephen, what does an establishment bot like
> > you do in an allegedly crypto ANARCHIST mailing list?
> Define 'anarchist'

	Dude, if you don't know the ABC of political philosophy, which
	you obviously don't, that's not my problem. Wikipedia? LMAO.

	Didn't your wikipedia article explain to you why government
	officials are 'murderous'? Tsk tsk.

	Looks like you can't answer the question. Why would a left wing
	fascist, sympathetic to that sick, murderous CUNT clinton,
	bother with crypto ANARCHISM?

	Second try. Try to do better this time.

> For instance,
> you could look at the US as being largely based on
> free-speech-anarchism, 

	If I were ignorant and dishonest, I could do that.

> as per the First Amendment.  

	Ahhhh! Laughable statist documents now are the pilars of crypto
	anarchism? Amazing.

> In the
> 90's, Cypherpunks, individually and as a whole, were super important
> to avoid things going the wrong way in the US.

	Sure. And they were oh so successful. Chuckle.

	Thanks to their plans the US government has been finally
	overthrown and/or made obsolete! Good work!

> Understanding the "establishment" doesn't mean being "their" bot.

	Right. I for instance understand the establishment, including
	its bots, like yourself. 

	You on the other hand just repeat establishment cliches =)

	Trump bad! Now, the other 'choice'...

> > 	I can counter your sick garbage/propaganda, but I'm
> > 	curious why you post it here...?
> Quite a weak and lazy response; 

	Right, lazy. I admit I have zero interest in wasting time
	explaining the ABC to somebody who's
	establishment bot.

> you obviously have nothing but
> bluster.  If you can't back up your statements with evidence, you
> aren't really saying anything useful.  Plonk.

	Evidence like your comment about trump....and virtually all the
	rest of what you said?

> I think I've probably been "here" much longer than you have.

	Yep, I've bothered to check the archives and saw your name (I
	also read some interesting stuff from other people...)

	And so I know that after 20 years you seem have learned nothing
	and actually became even more of a 'moderate' (i.e. american

	No wonder the americunt, electronic, global police state is just
	about to launch its 2.0 version.

	With opposition like you they surely need no advertising

>  I was
> learning and participating since fairly early, and continuously for
> quite a few years.  For instance:
> sdw

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