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Wed Jul 6 08:30:09 PDT 2016

On 07/06/2016 05:05 AM, John Newman wrote:
> Do any gmail users (which I've noticed there a lot of on the list,
> as well as in real life, heh) feel at all threatened by what Google
> is doing with access to your entire mail stream? They've publicly
> stated users have no "reasonable expectation of privacy".  
> Do you use gmail for your main / private / important emails, in
> addition to list correspondence?
> Or do you consider the internet so pwned that it doesnt matter? 
> (although, why make it easier for them..)
> I'm just curious... I started getting squeamish about it myself a
> good few years back, before snowden, just because it seems like an
> obviously bad idea to house all my correspondence at the HQ of one
> of the biggest corporations in the world, for them to play with, mine,
> and cross-index for targeted advertising as they see fit..
> Setting up your own mail server
> (postfix+spamassasin+...clamav+..whatever) isn't really that hard,
> although you gotta pay a hosting fee, depending on how you decide
> to do it. And I guess there are other alternatives to gmail
> that are much better in this area, although I'm still inclined
> to use my own thing..

The only thing I use Gmail for is newsletters and an occasional official
mail to businesses.

If google wants to parse my interests by what I receive in the way of
newsletters I really don't give a fuck. I get Stratfor, Reuters, Foreign
Policy, Foreign Policy In Focus, The Economist... A dozen others.

I hope their AI chokes on it.

Speaking of AI... I posted a FB status about a gay man in Illinois who
burned a flag, in drag, and then posted it as a profile pic on FB.

He was arrested under an Illinois state flag defacement law and then
released b/c that law violates a 1989 Supreme ruling that flag burning
is constitutionally protected.

A few minutes later I noticed a Sponsored Sidebar ad...


If you post on Facebook with the hashtags #LGBT and #Flagburner you end
up seeing sidebar ads for incestuous pedobears at answersDOTCom.

The pic IS SFW (I guess)...


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