TSA Thugs: TSA Agents Beat And Jail Disabled Teen With Brain Cancer

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 21:23:36 PDT 2016

On Jul 3, 2016 10:33 PM, "juan" <juan.g71 at gmail.com> wrote:
>         You don't know anything about me, apart from the political
comments I've made here. Same thing for quinn. All we know about him is
that he's a totalitarian american shitbag. Whatever your personal
connection to him is, (if any) it's irrelevant here.

Why are you so sure about it, my dear Juan?  You never will know exactly
what I know, hihi...  Nobody can know _exactly_ what another person knows.
Never forget it, my dear.  :-)

>         It is absurd for you to conclude that I'm a 'good' person and
that quinn is a 'good' person too, since we represent completely opposed
views of what 'good' means.
>         Is this so hard to grasp?

My dear Juan, I am talking about MY subjetive impressions about persons in
general.  Why can't you accept that I don't think exactly what you want I
think?  :(((

Is it so offensive for you if I have my own opinion and it is different
than yours?  Why are you trying to impose me your opinion like a dictator?

Please, you say to be an 'anarchist', so be coherent.  You say I am a
'retard', but I am an honest retard and you are not being honest, if you
really are an anarchist.

I didn't try to impose you my opinion.  I simply told you what I think
about you, and people, and about countries, wars, whatever...  I never said
my words are an 'absolute truth' or that I never will be wrong...

>         'Religious' liars are not good persons. Lying is not good.

Hey!  Don't you respect a person's beliefs?  Why do you think a religious
person is a liar?  :P

Not necessarily.  Even using Math or Physics, nobody can prove the
existence or not of a God (or Gods, or Godess, or Godesses, whatever).  If
God exists, it is not a lie.

There are several religions and holy books, but there is not an
unambiguous, definitive interpretation of God, Juan.  Sincerely?  I don't
trust religions and holy books, but I tried to study lots and lots of
possibilities when younger.  Reviews?  Always is about love.  Trying to be
a good person and avoiding to be a bad person is enough.

(I am not talking about being a 'saint' or something similar.  Just
avoiding to be a son of a b¡tch is enough and God and/or the people will
sincerely appreciate your efforts!  :-)

I know, infinitely subjetive points of view, different backgrounds and ways
of being, etc, etc...  Part of world's beauty is how different can be the
persons.  Some people explode cities using nuclear weapons, some people try
to build a whole new world...  :-)

>         OK. "Good" means nothing to you.

Oh, good!  hihi...  :-)

>         Tell me Cecilia, is it OK for governments to exist? You know, the
'good' utopian governments that do stuff that you think is 'good', like, I
don't know 'free' schooling for poor children.

You already know what I think about governments.  I don't support them.

>         If I recall correctly you said you are not an anarchist, but I'm
making sure...before pointing out that you are in no position to call me
'aggressive' or 'intolerant'.

Only limited and/or stupid people respect labels.  A person is much more
than empty labels.  Persons are their acts, their thoughts, their words,
not the labels they like to use in society.

If you want to use the "anarchist" label, the problem is yours, not mine.
I hate governments, but I really think it is very limited to say "Oh, I am

Instead just talking about being a proud anarchist in lists, mimimi
mimimi, do something real to destroy governments.  "Talking is cheap, show
me the code", do you remember?  I am doing my part instead consider myself
an anarchist.

I only make jokes using 'vegan' and 'veggie' labels to explain that I don't
eat meat and I don't like to kill animals, because the people really have
serious problems to understand my reasons and it is easier to use a stupid
already knowed label than spending time explaining all my actions.  Nobody
seems to care enough to see my acts, they just want to know my labels and
judge them.

Sorry, if I need to say "Oh, Juan, I am anarchist" to be accepted for you,
we never will be friends.  See my actions and who I am instead trying to
impose your opinion with offenses.  :P

>         What am I wrong about?

Uff...  God, I didn't say you are wrong.  It was an hypothesis.  Please,
think instead being so defensive.

>         OK - and the relevance here is? Or was that just one more random
and irrelevant thought?

I was answering to your comment, Juan.  Please, read again what you wrote
before.  My thoughts are so 'irrelevant' as yours.  Or do you *really*
think that everything you wrote is relevant for someone?  Sorry, the world
doesn't work this way!  :-)

Believe me, nobody says only 'relevant' things.  First of all, because
'relevance' is pretty subjective.  An important thing for me not
necessarily will be relevant for me, and vice versa.

>         The ones who are saying it are the americans.
>         So tell me again about how good countries are and how much
respect they deserve?

Uff...  Juan, did you really read what I wrote before?  I am too lazy to
repeat everything again!  :(((

Sorry, I will stop to spend your time and also mine, Juan.  Believe me, we
both will be banned again if we make an infinite discussion here and I
certainly will win in the end.

I am not saying that I am right.  I am just saying I will win at the end.
Remember:  I can do the same things that you, and wearing high heels, make
up and dress.  And I am much more 'troll' and 'hard headed' than you can be
in this life and in all next lives, if they exist, hihi!  :D

I can be more boring and repetitive than you, my dear Juan, and I am
Brazilian.  Our national motto is "I am Brazilian and I never give up"
("Eu sou brasileiro/a e não desisto nunca"), hahaha!!!  ;D

Have a lovely night and sweet dreams, my dear!  Try the serotonin and
endorphins thing!  Your body will thank you!  <3


PS:  -  You are a _without fuck¡ng_ boring and grumpy old sir, but I still
like you, Juan.  A bit less, but I still would give you a cupuaçu
popsicle!  You can't stop my affection, la la la...  My feelings are mine,
not yours, hahaha!!  #singing  #lalala  ;D

Yep, I know I am a _with fuck¡ng_ boring and grumpy old lady!  #ProudTroll
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