Wikileaks is the Endgame

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Fri Jul 1 18:42:04 PDT 2016

On Sat, Jul 02, 2016 at 11:38:44AM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> > > 	You finally acknowledge that all your bullshit is a
> > > 	'dream' - it's not reality and not true.
> > 
> > That's fundamentally the cypherpunk dream, I believe. So why do you
> > bother being on this list, if you think that it's all bullshit?
> I think his key point here is that we must not be in self delusion.
> It is ok to dream. Cypherpunk dream is a great dream. A dream of
> freedom, hope, for everyone.
> But when we are in a denial of a particular problem, or speaking as
> though a particular limitation does not exist, or a particular piece of
> software provides some guarantee which it does NOT provide - then not
> only are we deluding ourselves, but (and I see this as a pain for Juan)
> we are leading others astray.
> This is why over and over, when the facts don't support an assumption,
> especially when that assumption could endanger life and or liberty of
> someone trying to do some good (e.g. a whistleblower), then how can we
> say anything but support for Juan's outspoken vehemence?
> Juan says "I will not compromise the safety of a fellow fighter no
> matter what", and he sacrifices the appearance of civility to try to
> achieve this - to try to support our brothers who want to fight, who
> want to whistleblow, who want to undermine the murderers in our world.
> Leading potential fighters astray in their thinking is essentially
> unforgiveable


We absolutely MUST do everything we can to support those who
may tentatively try to make SOME stand in this world for truth,
for transparency, and against evil!

> - which is why I am bound by my own conscience to always
> say "Juan, thank you! So few speak up as much as you do, for those who
> genuinely need someone to speak up for them!"
> How can we let down our brothers so much?
> Yes, speak our dreams, our hopes! But do so honestly!
> "Positive thinking" is not about deceiving ourselves or those who read
> our proclamations on crypto anarchist software. And in fact it's quite
> the opposite as I hope is clear by now - let's get off the hippy flower
> power "positive speaking will magically manifest secure anonymising
> software" bullshit bandwagon, and speak bluntly, plainly, and clearly so
> onlookers are NEVER deceived!
> Surely this is the LEAST we can do for our potential future brothers in
> punk land?!

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