[RUS] Western regime's financial isolation of Russia now all but over

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Jul 31 16:57:20 PDT 2016

This particular article is by a particularly humble author, but
notwithstanding, the information is significant.

Russia wins conclusively the Battle of the Eurobond
Alexander Mercouris
"Euroclear agrees to provide depository services to the Russian Eurobond,
confirming that Russia is now able to raise Eurobond financing as it

In other news,

Trump continues to hold his line on Russia:

Bernie Sanders “sold his soul to the devil”

USA regime's blaming Russia for "cyber attacks" must mean the USA has
really clean hands in all of this right?
FSB finds cyber-spying virus in computer networks of 20 state

‘US deliberately destroyed CIA black site used for torture’

Humans! And, perhaps the efforts to handle in advance any fallout from
the public media exposure starting to happen re tactical nuclear
weapons. Psychopath Inc., UK edition.
Poll: 66% of UK Voters Support a Nuclear Strike That Would Kill 100,000
"We must be willing to use nuclear weapons," said Prime Minister Theresa
May boasting about having the courage to kill 100,000 or more people

Skydiving without a parachute:
"US skydiver Luke Aikins, 42, set a free jump record by landing on a
special net from a height of 7.6 kilometers (25,000 feet) without a

Putin: "I am not your friend, I am the President of Russia"

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