[RU-NEWS] Russia considers status quo on Palestine unacceptable — Putin

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Jul 26 02:50:14 PDT 2016

With the new boss in town, potentially good news for the Palestinians.

Russia considers status quo on Palestine unacceptable — Putin

Good cause for hope I'd say, with the USA in its financial death throws,
all players in the middle east will be looking to the Kremlin for
political alliance, "legitimacy" as well as protection - Israel will
presumably continue to want Russia's protection for the Leviathan oil
basin in the mediterranean sea, Turkey has well and truly begun its
rapprochement with Russia and will undoubtedly benefit from 'Turk
stream' pipelin into Europe, and the Saudi's now have a major roadblock
to any "aunti imperial" regime change operations they have lusted over
until now (stalemate in the desperately poor Yemen has turned to the
Yemenis now fighting back -into- Saudi Arabia (from what I hear, old
Yemeni lands that were "given" to Saudi Arabia when Yemen was at its
absolute weakest and was otherwise being land raped by the Saudi's and
their Western supporters)).

All in all, extremely positive (/ militarily stable) situations
developing all over the place.

Courtesy Russia.

Putin has the remainder of his current term in office and undoubtedly
one more term after this - here's truly hoping that Russia's subsequent
leader is at least half as functional re world affairs.

The only major caveat of course, is an overly hawkish USA president at
the upcoming North American federal elections.

And, unfortunately, this is a bloody big caveat!

I hope that the Eurasion alliances now forming, some mentioned above,
become strong enough in the next 2 months in the case that Hitlery
Clinton gets elected.

Another reminder of the nature of "the West"/ very recent European
history (mostly polemic, not much history):
The West has raped, killed and destroyed the whole world

Good luck, little old world..

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