The Power Of Irradiating Ourselves

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Jul 25 01:57:48 PDT 2016

Free power of course...

A few years ago, a Kickstarter was set up to develop a locator tag
powered by free radio frequency (RF) energy harvested from the
environment. This was called a scam here on Slashdot and was shut down
before it was funded on Kickstarter. However, it now appears that the
concept is not as far-fetched as some predicted. A UK company
CleanSpace has developed a carbon monoxide (CO) sensor which is
powered by free RF. A review of the product has been posted on
YouTube. It uses Freevolt technology to keep a battery charged and the
CO sensor running. Since they have several thousand of these devices
collecting data, they do appear to work and it seems to be in the 'not
a scam' department.

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