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Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sat Jul 23 20:22:37 PDT 2016

Russia's New Conservative Allies in the US: The 'Alt-Right' Phenomenon

For those that have been paying attention, the rise of the Alt-Right is
as surprising, as it is entirely expected

AND, a NEW phrase - "ethno-masochism" :D

"especially noticeable in higher education, where students are taught to
believe there is something uniquely oppressive in being a straight male,
something uniquely oppressive in being of European descent, something
particularly deplorable about being straight…... and on it goes"

"It has come to the point where it is easier to come out publically to
polite society as a Tranny than it is to come out as a Trump supporter."

Hate speech raids in Germany:

and plenty more ...

"cultural strength" for the "white fella" (as we Aussies say),
your day has come :)

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