Greens Party Jill Stein to Pardon Snowden, Manning, Kiriakou, Swartz, Etc

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Jul 23 11:56:27 PDT 2016

So, I’d say let’s welcome home Edward Snowden as soon as we can and
likewise, I would pardon Chelsea Manning, and some other
whistleblowers out there, John Kiriakou and others who’ve really done
a great service for us. And I also want to mention Aaron Swartz, who
was a proponent of a free and liberated Internet and for sharing our
resources on that internet, who was basically hounded into suicide

And mind you, this is the majority of our discretionary budget. It’s
54% of our budget. It’s almost half of your income tax pays for these
wars and this military that’s scattered all across the world, that
does not make us safer, it actually makes us less safe and it inflames
the local populations
If you add up all the other bases of all the other countries put
together, it’s less than 30, ok? And we have 1,000. So, there’s
something really wrong with this picture.
By coming back to a truly Defense Department, rather than an ‘offense
department,’ we can actually scale way back on our military
expenditures and have hundreds of billions of dollars to put into true
security, here at home and in the causes of peace and justice around
the world.”

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