on grokiing intention

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Jul 17 05:13:45 PDT 2016

When we see someone that we want to say "come in spinner" to, our first
duty is to assume good intention.

When we don't see what is horrific, that which is an abomination to
human, an abomination to righteousness, and we see someone justifying
it, qualifying it, basically being "apologetic" for it, it is too easy
to see mal intent.

However, the road to hell has a lot of paving. It is by the hand of our
fellow humans that the many and varied well paved roads to hell, are so
well paved!

This affects us all!

The snow jobs that are presented, the blindness, can be interpreted in
different ways.

Everyone has the opportunity, should they carpe diem, to wear a
different hat when that hat is presented.

To myself folks have kindly (usually) said "Hey Zenaan, that's pretty
harsh" and "hey Zenaan, you're jumping to conclusions" and "oi Zenaan,
you're raking someone over the coals, and they don't deserve it" and
"Zenaan, you are emotionally vehement about this pet theory of yours, do
you truly have any facts behind it", and far too many times folks have
been right, and on those times I am able to wear another hat, to see my
own blindness, I am very grateful (at least, sometimes, after licking my
perceived wounds for a few days or weeks).

What causes our blindness?

- a desire to believe in our government/ system
- attachment to our own beliefs/ world views
- a belief in my/ my tribe's (my nation's) superiority
- a "hippy" or fatalistic belief that "it all works out eventually,
  everyone's just doing their best, so it's all ok"

But it's not all ok.

There is much that is so very, very wrong. So wrong and so bad, it is
evil in action. Unethical beyond belief.

North America's incarceration rate of predominantly black people, mostly
for purported "crimes" that harm no one, not a single person (e.g.
smoking a bit of weed, selling a bit of weed, not paying a parking fine
and being caught a few times with a "disqualified driver license" as a
result, and doing 18 months jail the second and third times this then
happens again).

Men and women lose their jobs as a result of such evil.

Single separated parents are unable to travel to see their children
(withe the other parent) as a result of such evil.

Families are broken up as a result of such evil (the bloke loses his
license, cannot lawfully drive to work, loses his job, loses his sense
of dignity, family breaks up.)

We humans collectively via our tacit consent of our "democratic"
governments, bring hell down on our neighbours, or on "other people in
other suburbs who -must- be somewhat bad or they would not be in jail".

We are so desperate to find "the evil out there" that a mere allegation
of rape or pedophilia causes us to jump on a public lynch train.

We are so bound in our "lives" that we vote over and over again for the
mainstream political parties who are compromised in all ways and who
continue the endless litany of murder by empire, day in, day out.

We humans are fundamentally shameful, unable to break the chains of our
schooling and programming, deceiving ourselves that the words used in an
Act mean something other than what they say, hoping beyond fact, hoping
beyond all evidence that our "government" is there to do (at least
some) good.

Violation of human rights, when instituted in statute, demonstrates an
evil, on the record of the governments own Act.

Here in Australia, us Aussies say about our GST tax "oh well, the
government needs money to run, oh well, it's worse in other countries,
oh well, the money is used for schools and hospitals" and yet the act
says "The commissioner of taxation may deem an event that did not happen
as having happened, and an event that did happen as having not happened,
or may deem that an event that happened, actually happened at a time
other than when it actually happened".

And the people pay.

The people consent.

Yet more so, the people become apologists, trying to defend the
indefensible "someone has to pay for the roads, that why we have road
tolls" or "PGP gets an exemption" or "people die in cars, that's we have
to have RFID sat tracking state issued driver licenses".

We, humans, defend the indefensible. Scraping the barrell for some
sanity where there is none. Assuming good intention in words which
demonstrate evil intention, demonstrate the intention to remove human
rights, intention to grant to the executive (government "officials") the
power to demonically deem black to be white, truth to be falsity,
falsity to be truth, and anyone they don't like to be a terrorist.

When you accept the indefensible, even tacitly by doing no action in
opposition, you contribute a little bit to that evil.

When you try to defend the indefensible, it is a bit worse, because you
lead others astray - the busy, the tired, those who might trust you
without reading in depth, those who are unable to read, those who are
naturally influenced by the "charisma" of someone speaking publicly.

Better to say nothing, than to lead others astray.  I am so very
grateful when others have pointed out my bullshit - it's a small mercy,
and much better than my bullshit prevailing.

To those who care, let's lift our game!

We can do better.

To those who intentionally perpertrate deception, confusion, lies and
evil, may the warriors of sanity tear your evil words to shreds!

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