overthrowing a powerfully united, cohesive nation of people - US Senator Richard Black on Syria

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu Jul 14 04:54:17 PDT 2016

US Senator Richard Black: "We Have Never Done Anything More Loathsome or
Despicable Than What We're Doing in Syria."

(Slightly slow to start, but some amazing quotes and some (new for me)
historical facts from this one. A very small sampling:

the CIA could not go before Congress and say, “Look, we intend to attack
a neutral, non-belligerent country, where the people are happy,
prosperous, and enjoy greater women’s rights and religious freedom than
any other Arab nation; we’re going to rip it to shreds, we’re going to
open up a torrent of bloodshed: Please give us an appropriation so we
can purchase weapons to do it.”

Within three days from the city of Hama, 70,000 Christians streamed into
Damascus; why Damascus? Because they knew that President Assad would
protect the Christians. He would protect anyone who was under attack by
the Muslim Brotherhood.

if you want to consider whether the people of Syria are for or against
their government and their President, just consider this: Syria has a
population of 23 million people. It is in the sixth year of a war in
which it has been opposed by the United States, Great Britain, France,
NATO, the European Union,...

Where have we [USA] come?! What has come of this country?!

Extremely reckless, nearly an insane American policy, driven by Saudi
wealth that lines the pockets of top people in this country. It’s sad.

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