"The West" - an absolute disgrace to Humanity!

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Subject: walking in another's shoes

Assertions of fact which I presume are not in dispute except perhaps by
schooled (and not educated) North Americans:

- North America/ the USA, has NO righteous authority to be the
  "policeman of the world"!

- The only authority the the USA has to be "the policeman of the world"
  is the predatorial right, the predatorial authority.

- The United States of America government is ethically bankrupt.

- The government of the USA has been co-opted by the North American (and
  western world oligarch controlled) Military Industrial Complex.

- The hegemonic intention of the government of the USA and the "neo
  conservatives" or war mongers of "the West", is a predatorial
  manifestion of the desire for empire, the desire to control the world.

      The hegemonic USA must end.

That said, here is what might be termed a human perspective of what an
average Russian living in Russia or perhaps the Donbas today, might
actually be experiencing, feeling and thinking, and why (historical
memories etc) - a somewhat moving piece for those so inclined:

"Why People Never Believe That War Is Coming – Until It Is Too Late"

In Russian: http://www.apn-spb.ru/opinions/article23999.htm
In English:

A thought:

The "terrorists" in Syria, aka IS or ISIS or ISIL, go into town,
villages and cities, forcing "conversion" or death upon those families
who live there.

The so called "terrorists" of eastern Ukraine in the Donbas/
Novorossia, are families fighting for their lives against the Ukraine
state army who are coming to "subdue" them, to "encourage" them to
accept the new Ukrainian coup government with its laws saying the
Russian language is no longer official, and no longer allowed to be
taught in their local schools, and many more abominations to "European

Oh, but it's all just "Russian aggression".

FFS, wake up European nations! wake up North Americans!

Absolutely the Ukrainian army must stop shooting and bombing its own

Absolutely the eastern Ukrainian people have a right to defend
themselves against "their own" army shooting at them, their own
"president" Poroshenko "Donbas Children Will Sit in Cellars, “Ours” Will
Go to School":

Amazing Poroshenko Video: Keep Donbas Children "Holed Up" in ...



(well at least Poroshenko said it in a civilized setting - the Odessa
Opera House.)

Poroshenko: “we [in Ukraine] will have work they – [in the Donbas]
won’t. We will have pensions – they won’t. We will care for our children
and pensioners – they won’t. Our children will go to school, to
kindergartens – their children will sit in cellars. They don’t know how
to organize or do anything. This, ultimately, is how we will win this

(this article is too intense, I can't finish reading it)

A boy holds a placard reading "Save Donbas children. Please stop ATO!"
(anti-terrorists operation) in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa on
June 1, 2014 (AFP Photo) / AFP
(This one's a bit easier to read.)


"Someone explain to me so I can understand. How is it that Russia is
somehow negligent in influencing pro-Russian separatists in east
Ukraine, when the Kiev junta’s forces are the ones shelling civilians
daily? Does Germany’s Angela Merkel see something the world cannot? God
only knows."

                     All hail Ukraine!
   Home of the direct second and third generation Nazis!

We, the collective "West" are an absolute disgrace on this planet!!!!!

So YES if I were the USA president I would do better! The only real
challenge is doing better as USA president, and stopping yourself from
being killed for cleaning up the endless shit that is North American
foreign policy!

"The West", an absolute disgrace to humanity..
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